Saturday, August 8, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 7

This is my ... Beam Magnum

+1p awesomeness to those who know where the quote above is modified from. ^^ Just 1 point because it's too easy XD

Anyway, started assembling my MG Unicorn, starting with its weapons.

[Beam Magnum]

Most of the parts are of the three magazines - one loaded into the rifle, two others will be mounted on Unicorn rear skirt armors.

Very practical (and fun) loading gimmick for the rifle. The magazine will be tightly secured once the two parts of the rifle are fastened.

You can attach as many clip as you want for each magazine, from 6 to all 16 per magazine, giving you the AK-47 style Beam Magnum XD

[Hyper Bazooka]

Has loading gimmick as well - the mount rack for the magazine can be pushed into the body of the bazooka when there's no magazine.

Painted the tail of each rocket to distinguish them from the magazine clip.

Comparison with MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW's beam rifle and bazooka. Unicorn's weapons are much longer in length - more appropriate to his height.


Painted all the pins that will show through the holes in gray before assembling the parts - so that they will look more "natural" in the end.

Looks somewhat smaller than RX-78-2's shield in the normal mode, but the overall size is increased when the Psycho Frame parts are flipped out in the Destroy Mode.

The position of the mount rack to the forearm can be adjusted.


Nomake Wan said...

There are many like it, but this one is mine? :P

Can't wait to see further progress on this awesome Gunpla. Keep it up, Ngee!

Q said...

lol AK-47 style beam magnum! I want that XD

Buy another Unicorn and combine more clips to form a semi-circle magazine and you'll now have the notorious Chauchat machinegun ^^;

The shield actually reminds me of GM Command and Blue Destiny Unit 2's more than RX-78-2 :o

Chris said...

@Q: Haha, if the clips are semi-circle, Unicorn can use it as a boomerang.
The painting on the pin is unique...never thought of that. Hey, Ngee Khiong bro, if you are not going to use the Unicorn marking, can I have it? XD

Stefan said...

Nice, great work as always.

Aeon said...

'Tis TF2 Heavy's line no? I don't play at all though, but I watched the videos.

Ngee Khiong said...

It's "This is my ... boomstick" from Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness XD

Anonymous said...

Gotta love youtube.