Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 12

Bleaching 2

Armor-on for the legs, body and head for this review. ^^

It's easy to predict that the legs are the components with the most number of parts, as it has the most number of transformable parts. I won't say it's complicated though, as you can do it very easily once you get the hang of it. The shoulder armors is the hardest to transform for me, as it's quite hard to move one of the parts. Not sure about the rest of the fans who have assembled this kit though.

One of the most amazing features of the legs is how well the Psycho Frame is concealed beneath the armors in Unicorn Mode. ^^ The knee for example, all four-part transformation for the knee, which reveals quite a big block of the Psycho Frame beneath it, but in Unicorn Mode, you can't see it at all. Everything is hidden securely.

And of course, most of Unicorn Gundam's height proportion is on its legs.

While the body and arms are almost the same size as Gundam RX-78-2, the lower body of Unicorn is up to its chest level.

So, it very easy to predict that Unicorn Gundam's overall proportion isn't exactly well-balanced in Destroy Mode. The legs are just too long.

The body doesn't gave as many armors as the legs, as the abdomen area has inseparable parts from its inner frame. All the white armors that can be assembled later are for the pilot cockpit, and to cover up the Psycho Frame from either sides of the body, top and back.

The overall design of the body isn't too different from Gundam RX-78-2, but as the model gets closer to completion, the huge difference in terms of height is very clear to see.

The comes the head ^^

I always put the head as the last component to be assembled because it feels like the most appropriate component to show the completion of a particular work. ^^

Can still see a bit of the eyes behind the mask.

Longer V-Fin, but smaller face for Unicorn Gundam, as compared to Gundam RX-78-2.

All the weapons assembled in Part 7.

Plenty of images of the Unicorn Mode in the next review. ^^


AstrayP03 said...

For me, it was the torso that was a pain during transformation >.<

MARTIN said...

Looking really good Ngee - but I have a couple of questions (linked to the 'other' site as well).

1. My guess is you intend to Transform the Unicorn to 'Psycho' Mode. Will this be permanent?
2: What RX-78-2 kit are you using for a comparision? And did you 'bleach' the kit? The Unicorn looks utterly untouched (nice!)
3: What is the deal with the PG 00 Kit? iIs it going to be just the 00 or will the Raiser be included? (The info on the Blog is slightly contridictory...!)
4: Finally(!) do you have any of the extras for the Unicorn kit? Currently min is in Unicorn mode with the Chain Cannons...!
Chears Ngee - following this has been a real treat!

Aeon said...

@Martin PG 00 will come with the O-raiser.
The part about unicorn I hate to transform would be the front skirt pieces.