Saturday, June 5, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 12

Left & right repetition

Continuing the assembly of my MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 after last Monday.

The red "out-most" components for the wings.

Wings can be expanded already.
It's a repetition of parts between the left and right components.

All the parts for one of the wing binders.
The parts for the left component mirror those on the right side.

Both wings completed.

The flap near the top of the wings (Gundam mode) can move, a feature not available on MG Ver. 1.0.

Joint mechanism for the wings' expansion. It's similar to the design from the PG version.

Parts for tail stabilizer. There's supposedly a polycap as well not shown here.

A rather simple component, with the movement gimmick faithfully reproduced of course.

Painted gray for the interior works well it seems. ^^

Tons of parts for one of the legs, and this is just the inner frame.

The completed frame is rather lacking in details at this moment.

the non-functional hydraulic pipe is quite exposed when the ankle is bent downwards like this. ^^;

Very awesome linked movement action for the knee joint, which will be used for the Waverider transformation.
The same design can also be seen on the PG version, which uses preset string to control the linked movement.

More parts for the leg - the armors and main inner frame details parts.

The most elaborate "inner frame details" for the leg, which come from two parts specially made for that purpose. ^^

Completion of the right leg. The articulation is pretty good, considering the transformation gimmick incorporated that forced the design of various joints to be unconventional as compared to other joint.

The smaller yellow parts near the knee are from foil sticker

The position of the ankle guard is just right to hide the gold portion of the non-functional hydraulic pipe when the ankle is bent downwards, so the "non-functional" design is well hidden as well. XD

Repeating and mirroring parts for the left leg.

All the major separable components for the left leg.

Both legs are now done.

Will move on to assemble the head and torso in the next review, and complete the whole model. ^^

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