Saturday, June 12, 2010

BB Senshi Exia Part 9 [Final]

Weapon combo master

Last part of my review on BB Senshi Exia.

Plenty of poses with different weapons in this posting. ^^

With GN Short and Long Blades.

With beam saber and dagger.

To change the GN Drive from normal to Trans-Am mode, just pull out the entire drive from the back, remove the cap and reverse the "coin".

Very simple mode change gimmick :)

Absolutely no power-up in any way for the articulation in Trans-Am mode of course XD.

Plenty of combos possible with the various weapons included.

Comparison with BB Senshi Destiny Gundam and Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi.
He's of the same height as Destiny and a little bit taller than Shiba-I thanks to his taller legs and body unit.

As mentioned in the previous posting, the ball-type joint located in the shoulder really helps in creating a wide range of articulation for the entire arm, even though there's no elbow joint. It turns out to be quite a cool Gunpla. ^^

The retractable GN Drive is quite a unique feature, but it's not exactly that outstanding, maybe it will for younger fans but not really for me. ^^; Same thing can be said to the clear part for swapping between normal and Trans-Am modes and the rotating "gear" behind the GN Drive. They are special features of the model, but somehow I feel that they aren't really necessary. The clear chest part will be the only part showing Exia in Trans-Am mode when the red side is up, so you get a rather "incomplete" version of Exia in that mode; the rotating gear on the other hand, does nothing but for you to roll it. ^^;

The clear green color molded for the various GN Condenser and the entire GN Drive is very beautiful though. That's one thing I'm very happy about the model. Too bad Bandai didn't want to have the design for the clears part from the HG 1/144 scale and 1/100 scale versions of Exia. ^^;

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