Saturday, July 6, 2013

Random (71)

Getting older and older

A posting about things that are too new to fit in the "Childhood Nostalgia" series, but are close enough in terms of the nostalgic value. ^^

While browsing for a new USB flash drive recently, I found myself quite astonished by the storage sizes available. ^^ While the 1TB monster announced earlier this year wasn't around at the store I visited, the storage size range offered was impressive enough to me. ^^ A 64GB-type was there, but I settled for one that is 32GB instead (far right in the image above).

The newly acquired flash drive made me think of all the older ones I have in my "collection", ^^; and the fascinating storage size increment I observed. ^^ Arranged according to the sequence of purchase, from left to right in the image above: 128MB, 512GB, 1GB, 2GB, 8GB, and 32GB. ^^ If I ever need a new USB flash drive in the future, it would have to be well above 500GB I suppose. ^^ Apart from the size improvement, the decreasing price when compared to their sizes is another obvious characteristic I observe about all my flash drives. ^^ I got the first drive back in 2002, when I was still a University student, and the price for it was slightly over RM1 for each megabyte. Fast forward to the latest one, it's about RM1 per 500MB. ^^; It's amazing to say the least. ^^

Still, I'm looking forward to seeing the 1TB-type arriving here in Kuching. ^^

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