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Transformers United Rodimus Prime Part 4 [Final]

The Henkei! connection

The last posting on Transformers United Rodimus Prime already. ^^

A look at the articulation design and some special features of Rodimus:

Just left and right swivel for the neck joint.

While the eyes extends from the clear blue part on the back of the head which is meant to catch light, they are too small to realize that lighting effect unfortunately. ^^;

Ball-type joint gives the shoulder a wide range of movement.

Very limited hinge joint for the elbow.
Due to its transformation design, the wrist can bend inward as well.

As seen from its transformation, the side skirt armor has a limited range of hinge movement.

The hips are connected, resulting in the linked movements of the thighs. ^^;

Thanks to its transformation design again, the hips can do a wide side split.

The knee joint has side-to-side swivel as well as ...

... the conventional bend, albeit quite limited that is.

Just hinge joint for the ankle.

As you can see, the articulation on Rodimus is extremely limited. ^^; The lack of any kind of waist joint is bad enough, severe limitations on very important joints like the elbows and knees are going to hamper its posability, which is all too easy to anticipate I suppose. ^^;

Unbelievably, the shoulders are the only joints on this action figure with ball-type joints. ^^; Because of those ball-type joints, the shoulders become number one among flexible joints on this figure, but even they have some form of limitation: those protruding headlights would sometimes collide with the body in certain action poses. ^^; That just goes to show you how poorly this figure moves. ^^;

Still, some action poses are possible with Rodimus. ^^

Special weapon "inherited" from its Henkei! predecessor: a small disc saw-like weapon beneath the left forearm can be deployed.
This weapon isn't shown on the manual at all.

The lack of paint work on the weapon makes it looks almost like a super-short baton XD

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Looking back at how his cannon works as a booster in vehicle mode, it can be mounted on the back to form the robot mode's thruster. ^^

You can really tell that this is an older Transformer action figure repackaged as a new one just from its articulation design. ^^; The super-limited posability really doesn't match its release date. ^^;

The transformation design is simple but fun, and both its robot and vehicle modes are good-looking, which is the most important point behind the design I think. Because of preference or design, I like the robot mode on certain Transformers figures more than their vehicle form, or the other way round of some others. But for Rodimus, both modes look really good. ^^

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