Sunday, April 22, 2012

HG 1/144 Sergei's Tieren Taozi Part 6

A top-heavy heavy MS

More images of the just completed HG 1/144 Sergei's Tieren Taozi. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Being of similar color scheme and having the same pilot, it's almost unavoidable to compare this Tieren Taozi to the Space Commander type's. Then again, I can still see and appreciate the unique design features of this Tieren variation. ^^ Despite their different roles and designs, the Ground Type's and Space Commander type's bulky appearances are consistent for their bodies and limbs. For Tieren Taozi however, that "balance" is not really there, as the legs seem very slim as compared to its body. The top-heaviness of the model kit is made even more apparent with the "broad" shoulder design. ^^

Personally, I like the more balanced proportion on the Space Commander type, which gives it a more solid look and a sense of dependability. ^^ The latter can be translated as firm standing poses and solid support from the feet for the entire body, which is definitely a good thing. ^^ On the other hand, even though the muscular look of Tieren Taozi is pretty cool, the smaller feet which contributed to that slimmer look aren't doing as well in supporting the model kit, which is quite unfortunate. ^^; Everything is fine with the basic standing pose shown above, but I'm keeping my display base close for other high maneuver type poses. ^^

Connecting Tieren Taozi to Action Base 2.

As shown in Part 4, kneeling is very easy with Tieren Taozi. However, getting a natural look from the pose of both arms holding the Advanced GN Beam Rifle is not easy. ^^

The older 200mm x 25 Smooth-bore Gun with Blade is much easier to wield. ^^

Remember the Ground Type's box art?

More action poses will be featured in the next posting, which will be the last one for the review on this HG kit. ^^

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