Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kotobukiya's MSG MW-20 Gatling Gun Part 3 [Final]


I certainly wasn't making a blank statement when I said "the more the merrier" in Part 1 of the review on Kotobukiya's M.S.G. Weapon Unit MW-20 Gatling Gun. ^^ With so many configuration possibilities shown in the previous posting, one is really not enough, so here comes another two. ^^

The assembly of the two additional units is just repetition of Part 1 and won't be shown anymore. ^^

Exactly what can you do with three units of Gatling gun? ^^

(Left) For two of them, the ammo packs, extension units and handles are removed.
(Right) The supporting grips' position is reserved.

For the third unit, the ammo packs, extension units and handles are removed as well.

With most of the add-ons removed, the first two units can be connected to both sides of the third one.
The combined weight of the three Gatling guns is too much for one single model kit to wield, ...

... but you can mount the combined Gatling gun onto Action Base 2 ...

... to form a large weapon platform. ^^
Just like the upper arm's connector of 1/100 scale Zaku Warrior shown in the previous posting, Action Display Base 2's connector is perfectly compatible with the weapon unit's slot. ^^

Shown with MG Gundam RX-78-2 Version 1.5.
As the display stand's height is adjustable, the Gatling platform can be used by model kits of different scales very easily. ^^

The display stand is lowered significantly for Revoltech Yotsuba to pose with the weapon. ^^

Revoltech Yotsuba has no suitable hand unit to pose with the grips actually, so I just hid them behind the weapon. XD

To compensate her hands' inability to hold the handle, the Gatling gun can be mounted directly onto her elbow joint O_O

Crazily enough, the Revoltech joint of Yotsuba's elbow is perfectly compatible with the slot on the Gatling gun. ^^

The ultimate killing machine is here! XD

So much violence is present in this posting, so here's Yotsuba with her ice-cream to lighten up the mood. ^^

Will be back to the business of mowing everything down with the Gatling gun after she finishes the ice-cream perhaps? ^^
Luckily, the ice-cream can never be finished XD

As shown in Part 2 and this posting, the Gatling gun is a nice option weapon unit for more than just model kits. ^^ For professional modelers, it's would probably be good to modify the weapon to get rid of unwanted slots and connectors and give it some unique features consistent with the model kits it's going to be equipped to. However, even without all that trouble, the weapon unit is versatile enough to be configured into various forms. ^^ All you need is more M.S.G. weapon sets (^^;) as of course, creative ideas. ^^

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