Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Truck Part 2

Multipurpose trailer unit

Assembling the last component of Lego Creator No. 5765 Transport Truck after the previous posting. ^^

Large long bar-type pieces as the trailer's basis.

More parts of various colors are added to complete the trailer.

(Left) The red button is supposed to prevent to trailer's bottom from hitting and scratching the surface it's on I think.
(Right) The trailer has four mini wheels, smaller than the six used by the truck.

The trailer is completed. ^^

The trailer's total length is about 14cm.

Leftover pieces from the entire assembly.

A small peg behind the truck is the coupling that connects to the trailer.

The transport truck is all done. ^^

Overall length of the entire model is about 26cm.

Enabled by the loose coupling, the two segments of the truck can be tilted.

More images of the completed transport truck:

Closeups on the details:

With the helicopter completed in the previous posting:

Just the right space on the both sides of the trailer to fit the helicopter's landing skids. ^^
The bricks with a single stud on the landing platform ensure the landing skids are secured to the trailer.

A look at the helicopter packed on the trailer. ^^

(Left) A narrow gap between the trailer's coupling and the helicopter's nose.
(Right) The tail unit doesn't protrude too much over the trailer's tail as well.
A perfect match between the helicopter and the trailer. The brilliance and careful planning behind the design is fantastic. ^^

The "completely" completed display of the truck towing the helicopter: ^^

It's Optimus Prime towing Blackout (sort-of)! XD

Showing the helicopter in mid-air using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type again. ^^

This transport truck is definitely smaller and much easier to assemble as compared to the previous two Lego Creator sets reviewed: No. 4993 Cool Convertible and No. 4997 Transport Ferry. ^^ The ease of assembly is large due to the lower piece count - not too many parts, searching for the right one during the assembly is made less painful as well. XD

Small as it is, the truck's design is absolutely brilliant. ^^ The wheel arcs, grills, windows, wing mirrors, air deflector on the roof, signal lights, headlights, even fuel tanks are clearly recognizable, and their designs are really good. ^^ Diverse pieces of different shapes are used to give the entire truck a solid yet very smooth look. Such level of details and appearance can be seen on the trailer and helicopter as well.

The color scheme of the truck's body is commendable as well. As mentioned before, blue, white and orange is seriously not my choice of a good color combination. ^^; Yet, I do admire the clever design that combine different pieces on different part of the truck to form a color pattern that is instantly recognizable. ^^ It's not detectable during the assembly, as you are busy putting the pieces together. It's after a while when you have completed the model after certain stages that you realize the pattern. ^^ That short spark of, "Hey, that's pretty nifty." is really fun. ^^ I might not like the colors, but I really like the idea behind the color integration. ^^

The gimmicks of movable parts here and there are not too special in my opinion, so I'll just skip on that here. ^^;

The helicopter isn't the only thing the trailer can handle obviously. When you're tired of having a yellow helicopter on the back of the truck, other collectibles of smaller scale can also hitch a ride on the trailer. ^^

With Konata and Kagami from Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set.

The moe-moe express has arrived! XD

If the blade shield pieces are excluded, the trailer's size is just right for HCM-Pro 00 Gundam it seems. ^^

The HCM-Pro figure's flexible wrist joint is useful to support its mimic of the famous scene from the original Gundam series. ^^

HCM-Pro O Raiser is short but still suitable to be displayed with the trailer. ^^

HGUC Gundam RX-78-2 is unfortunately not big for the trailer. ^^;

Will try out the first alternate model of this set, a jeep towing a speedboat in the near future. ^^

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