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Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Truck Part 1

Six vehicle modes in a much smaller pack

Two months after the review on Creator series No. 4993 Cool Convertible, Lego Adventure returns to this blog featuring a new set. ^^ Released last year, this is No. 5765 Transport Truck, also from the Creator series.

The main model seems to resemble Peterbilt Model 379 featuring an obvious roof deflector towing a helicopter on its long flatbed trailer. Peterbilt Model 379 is the vehicle mode of Optimus Prime from the two Michael Bay movies, so if you think the truck looks somewhat familiar to you, I feel so too. ^^ It's just the blue-orange-white color combo which doesn't have anything to do with the Boss that is "blurring" the connection. XD

As compared to the previous two Lego Creator sets reviewed: No. 4993 Cool Convertible and No. 4997 Transport Ferry, this Transport Truck is clearly smaller and less complicated. Its piece count of 276 is a third of Cool Convertible's (648 parts), and is 1,000 pieces less than Transport Ferry. ^^; Still, the creativity of this Lego set is not limited by the lower piece count obviously. It can be assembled into another two alternate models, each consists of one primary vehicle towing a smaller one. ^^

The two alternate models: a jeep towing a speedboat and a flat nose truck towing a small car are shown on the box cover.

Instead of "3-in-1", I always thought that it should be "6-in-1" for this Lego set. ^^

The creativity of the design is the main reason I bought this Lego set. The smaller box size as compared to the previous two sets I assembled is the first indication that it won't be as complicated, which would be a refreshing experience I think. ^^ Details and gimmicks are to be expected when the piece count is high, but how would those two elements be like on a much smaller set like this one? Finding that out could be a really fun point of this round of Lego Adventure. ^^

A clearer look of the three models shown on the back of the box.

The piece count of the entire set is shown on the box's top side.

Images of the three models are repeated on both sides of the box.

All very colorful pieces. ^^

All the pieces are organized into different packages according to their rough sizes.

Just two manuals for the three models it seems. ^^

The main model has one manual on its own (61 pages in total), while the other two alternate models share another booklet (77 pages in total).

The manual for the main model.

Simple pictorial warning on organization of the bricks.

Two dedicated pages showing a much clearer piece count of the entire set on the back of the transport truck's manual.

The manual for the two alternate models.

Promotional images of various other Lego Creator and Technic sets can be found on the back of the alternate models' manual. ^^

As usual, the main model will be assembled first, but before building anything, a bit of organization of the bricks is necessary. ^^

All the bricks are categorized into three containers according to their sizes. ^^

The helicopter will go first. ^^

The main body is the first component to be assembled.

Adding in more parts to complete the main body.

Assembled the engine and tail unit.

The tail rotor can be turned.

The tail fin is movable as well.

Only the main rotors and landing skids remain now. ^^

Just four simple parts for the landing skids.

The landing skids are connected to the bottom of the main body.

A special cross piece plus four long bars to form the main rotors.

All done for the helicopter with the rotors assembled on top of the main body. ^^

The total length of the helicopter is about 15cm.

More images of this simple Lego helicopter: ^^

Closeups on the details:

Showing the helicopter in mid-air with a bit of assistance from Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type. ^^

Done with the secondary model, the transport truck is next. ^^

Much like the flat nose truck alternate model of Creator series No. 4993 Cool Convertible, the truck's assembly starts with its basic frame.

Adding in more parts to build up the truck's body, including its wheel arcs.

Added the headlights, grills and bumper.

More parts added to build up the cab.

A flap behind the truck is movable - not very sure about its actual purpose though. ^^;

Blue, white and clear black parts added to form the roof, windshield and windows.

Even though I'm not a big fan of the color scheme, the bricks' arrangement that forms the distinctive white and orange stripes on the truck's body is very clever. ^^

Six small wheels for the truck. ^^

The truck itself is completed. ^^

The truck's total length is about 14cm. ^^

The trailer's assembly and the completed model will be featured in the next posting. ^^

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