Monday, April 16, 2012

Kotobukiya's MSG MW-20 Gatling Gun Part 2

Size is a subjective matter

After its completion in the previous posting, the second part of this review will be on the "application" of Kotobukiya's M.S.G. Weapon Unit MW-20 Gatling gun. ^^ But before that, there are a few other features of this weapon unit to be introduced (apart from the rotating barrel gimmick shown in the previous posting):

The supporting grip can be bent to the back for a very minor degree.

The ammo pack, which looks like a jerrycan with handle (XD) can be detached very easily.

The extension component can be fitted in the same slot that hosts the handle, allowing the weapon to be mounted onto certain parts of other model kits directly. This will be shown in the next segment of this posting. ^^

Normal hand-carry mode with 1/100 scale Zaku Warrior with Blaze Wizard and Gunner Wizard packs. ^^

Except for its main body fitted with the wind-up motor, the Gatling gun is actually pretty lightweight, so the somewhat hunched back look of the model is just for a more dynamic display XD

The extension component fits 1/100 Zaku Warrior's upper arm connector perfectly. ^^
The only issue is the large gap created by the missing elbow part, which isn't that great to look at. ^^;

Minus the appearance issue, the perfect match between this weapon unit and an old 1/100 model kit is very impressive (and convenient too). ^^

1/100 Zaku Warrior with a Gatling arm. ^^

Comparison with MG Gouf Custom's Gatling Shield.

MW-20 has a slightly larger and longer barrel.

MG Gouf Custom with the Gatling gun. ^^

HGUC Marasai

It's a "mini" mini gun with Hot Toys 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. XD

On the contrary, the size of the Gatling gun is enlarged when it's used by Revoltech Yamaguchi Arbalest. ^^

While the weapon may look huge, the handle and support grip seem to fit the figure's hands perfectly. ^^

The handle obviously works for either hand of all the model kits and figures. It's just that when I was adjusting all the action poses, it didn't occur to me to adjust the weapon to the figures' and model kits' left hand, so all of them seems to have just about the same pose. XD

Also, while it's recommended for 1/144 and 1/100 scale model kits (from the previous posting), I think the former can show off the weapon unit better. It's somewhat small for 1/100 scale models in my opinion, as seen on 1/100 Zaku Warrior and MG Gouf Custome earlier on. 1/144 scale model kits would be just nice to display the Gatling gun's size and length. ^^

On a separate note, the above are just the basic "application" of this weapon unit. ^^; There are obviously more gimmicks and functions that you can configure with all the connectors and slots:

The extension component can be stored beneath the main body to save yourself the trouble of having a separated storage just for this little part. ^^

The ammo pack can be mounted on either side of the body, ...

... or upside-down to show it on top of the weapon, for whatever reason. ^^

The handle can be separated from its rack, and its own connector can be fitted into all the slots on the weapon.

The handle can also be connected to the extension unit. ^^

The same Gatling gun with a more simplistic handle in a slightly angled position might be more appealing to some I suppose? ^^

As you can see, there're many possibilities with just one unit of this M.S.G. Weapon Unit set ^^ So, what would happen when there're more? ^^

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