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Revoltech Patlabor Ingram Unit 1 Part 2

Muscle and strength

More images of Revoltech Ingram Unit 1 after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

This Revoltech version seems to be emphasizing a more muscular look for Ingram Unit 1. The shoulder armors are large, and the forearms are equally big. On the contrary, the torso is relatively slimmer but the protruding look of the chest is maintained. It would seem to me that there's no special attention given to the figure in having a more "reasonable" size for the chest to realize the look of having a human pilot inside it.

There's a reason for the torso to be designed in such a slim proportion actually, which will be shown in the articulation design segment later on. ^^

Interestingly, only this Revoltech version seems to be adopting the "mecha-design-incorrect" muscular look. ^^ Other model kit and action figure versions of Ingram Unit 1 went for the more accurate depiction of the mecha in terms of its design:

(Top row left to right) Bandai's Master Grade 1/35 scale plamo version, Yamato's 1/24 scale action figure.
(Bottom row left to right) CM's Corporation's non-scale Brave Gokin action figure, Wave's 1/48 scale action figure.
Images are from Hobby Search: Bandai's Master Grade 1/35 scale plamo version, CM's Corporation's non-scale Brave Gokin action figure, Wave's 1/48 scale action figure and Hobby Stock (Yamato's 1/24 scale action figure).

In comparison, the proportion between the arms and torso of the four different versions is not as crazy as that of this Revoltech action figure. ^^

Not that I'm complaining though, as the overall look of this Revoltech action figure is still very cool despite the point raised about its proportion. There's certainly no doubt over its sculpt and paint work. All the details such as the goggle, the police emblem on the chest, windshield in front of the neck, unit numbering on the shoulder armor, markings on the shield and backpack, even the identification plate on the waist are accurately realized. The level of craftsmanship and finishing on this figure is very more impressive given the small size of this figure. ^^

So, from just the look alone, this figure is already quite a winner. ^^ However, Revoltech figures are designed more for action poses, and for such an old release, it would be very interesting to see how the different joints were designed. ^^

One double-point Revoltech joint for the neck.

Apart from giving the head a very wide articulation range, the short length of the Revoltech joint allows it to match the neck area of Ingram Unit 1 pretty well. ^^

Swivel joint for the two shoulders.

A semi-arc for the shoulder's articulation range allows the arms to swing rearward and to the front.

While the arms can't be bent to the side of the shoulder directly, you can rotate the upper arm outward (and adjust the elbow joint later) to achieve that movement.

Pretty good elbow articulation via a single-point Revoltech joint.

As seen in the previous posting, the wrist joints for all the hand unit are fixed pegs.

Standard design for the waist joint.

A huge 10mm single-point Revoltech joint for the waist. The abdomen is designed to compliment this Revoltech joint's size completely, which in turn affected the size of the torso.

The hip has two separated joints.

The first hip joint is of swivel type, much like the shoulder joints. It allows the leg to swing to the front and to the back.
Rearward movement is restricted by the collision between the thigh armor and the waist.

The thigh has another swivel joint which allows it to rotate inward and outward.

The knee has pretty standard articulation design as well, utilizing the same large 10mm single-point Revoltech joint as the waist for its movement.

The ankle can be bent downward for a wide degree, and upward for a more "discounted" range. ^^;

The ankle joint can also be slide inward and outward, which helped a lot in supporting the standing poses shown at the beginning of this posting. ^^

The same large 10mm single-point Revoltech joint for the ankle. ^^

Some action poses to demonstrate the flexibility of the joints. ^^

Perfect kneeling pose, which is made so easy by most Revoltech figures. ^^

More action poses coming up in the next posting. ^^

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