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BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus Part 7 [Final]

Close your eyes, we're in for some chop!

More action poses of BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus after the previous posting. ^^

Posed with Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

The staff's humongous size that is really disproportionate to the Gundam itself can be seen very clearly here. ^^;

Forming the separated flyer unit 跳燕機:

Rikuson Z Plus's backpack, binders, shield and tail unit need to be separated first.

With the shoulder pads assembled onto them, the binders connect to their original positions on the backpack but via different sets of pegs.

The beak has two tabs beneath it to connect to the backpack's tail stabilizer.

The tail unit has its own tabs to plug onto the rear segment of the backpack.

The flyer unit is completed.

Posed with a more lightweight Rikuson Z Plus. ^^

Forming the complete transformed mode 燕迅形態:

In addition to all the separated components for 跳燕機, the staff needs to be removed from Rikuson Z Plus's left hand as well.

A different tab behind the headgear enables the latter to be positioned lower on the helmet, enough to completely cover up the eyes. ^^

The front portion of the feet are bend downward.

Same setting for the tail unit from 跳燕機 - it's tabbed to the same position beneath the backpack.

The binders are tabbed to the back of the shoulder armors to form a pair of wings.

Via a pair of tabs and slits, the beak is positioned on top of the helmet.

A tab on the staff's end helps to attach the weapon to the backpack.

The complete transformed mode is done. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view.

The transformation gimmick is indeed Rikuson Z Plus's special feature, but it's not remarkably outstanding in my opinion - not that I expected it to be so anyway. ^^; It's the usual part-swapping and tons of pegs and tabs to connect various positions on the model kit to get the "sparrow" mode, which can be found on most other BB Senshi Sangokuden kits (or the entire BB Senshi series in general) for their alternate forms, weapon changes and other gimmicks. I think the design is pretty clever in connecting some of the transformed mode's look to Zeta Plus's Waverider mode. The binders, beak and feet are very obvious evidents of that design connection.

Overall, Rikuson Z Plus is a very nifty little BB Senshi Sangokuden kit. ^^ The two most significant points for me are the clear blue parts for its shoulder pads and weapon which are lovely to look at, and the transformation gimmick which is quite a fun one to have. The ease in panel lining and painting for most of the parts does make it stand out a bit among many kits from the same line in my collection as well. ^^

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