Friday, April 27, 2012

MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal Part 8

Clever design points everywhere

Assembling the lower body of MG Gundam AGE-1 Normal after the previous posting. ^^

Parts of the waist.

Each hip joint on either side of the waist can swing to the front and back, but such movement isn't easy to adjust at this stage when the legs are not attached. ^^;

Bottom view of the hip joint's movement.

Separable inner frame components of the waist.

A unique design of this MG kit: the innermost "block" to feature the yellow trapezoid is separated from the outer "block" that would house the white front skirt armor.

Interestingly, the front skirt armor's frame is connected to the waist only via two clip-like tabs.

The separated block design is observable on the rear skirt armor as well.

Done for the waist's inner frame.
There are more joints, slots and connectors all over the entire component than any real mecha details. ^^;

Pretty simple line details on the bottom face of all the skirt armors' frames.

All the skirt armors' connection to the waist is via ball-type joint, allowing them to be bent upward very easily, and with no restriction it seems. ^^

Another very unique design of this MG kit: the clip-like tabs mentioned just now allows the skirt armors' frame to expand outward for a slight degree. ^^

The mount rack on the back can be flipped downward, even though there's nothing in this kit that uses this part. ^^;

Storage racks for the beam sabers/dagger completed in the previous posting.

Two sets of identical parts for the feet.

For the ankle joint, a ball-type joint cap is placed on top of a bowl-like frame part with peg joints on its sides for the ankle guards.
Even before completing the feet and legs at this point, I have no doubt about the crazy ankle articulation enabled by the all round movement design of the joint. ^^

Last minute paint work: the thruster area beneath the feet is painted black using normal marker before the nozzle part is assembled on top of it.

Inner frame components of the feet.

The white heel part must be assembled as well in order for the different components to come together.

Done for the feet.

Details of the sole.

The front portion of the feet can be bent upward for a wide degree.

They can be retracted downward as well.

Inner frame parts of the legs.

Just three parts for the thigh joint: a large tube-like polycap is assembled onto the main joint part first, then flipped to its opposite face to form the slot to the hip joint.

A large cap is locked onto the previous two shown parts to complete the thigh joint.
This simplistic yet functional design is really amazing in my opinion.

Components of the knee joint.

Much like the elbow joint shown in the previous posting, the knee joint's design is extremely simple, almost unconventionally simple as compared to most other MGs, but more importantly, it works. ^^

Separable components of the legs' inner frame.

DIY hydraulic pipes done in Part 3. ^^
The red dots on top of the thighs were painted in Part 3 as well.

Molded details deep inside the knee joints' hosts. ^^;

Rigid clip-like connectors between the knee joints to the lower leg (left) and thigh (right) lock the leg's assembly.

Done for the legs' inner frame.

The polycap for the ankle (a separate one from the ankle joint) is exposed. ^^;

With the feet attached.

Wide knee bend is well expected. ^^

While the details are pretty simple, it's actually not too bad in execution at the knee joint area.

Bending the leg to the back or to its side is like nothing for this kit. ^^

The twin-ball-type joint part between the ankle and lower leg worked well to support the crazy ankle articulation range demonstrated just now. ^^

The knee cap can be bent outward as a separated component. ^^

Very interestingly, when the knee is bent to its maximum level, two tabs beneath the knee joint will actually "poke" through the slots behind the knee cap to push it outward for a slight degree. ^^
A surprise "linked movement" gimmick there. ^^

Even with the thigh joint assembled, the painted red dots can still be seen. ^^

With the waist assembled earlier on.

The lower body is completed.

A full 90-degree sideway bend for the leg. ^^

The hip joint's ability to swing to the front and back is shown again.

With so many movable points through various incorporated joints, a natural-looking kneeling pose is too easy for this guy. XD

Another display of many clever Gunpla designs incorporated on this kit. ^^ The separated block design of the skirt armors' frame is mainly to facilitate variation releases of Gundam AGE-1 I believe, and one would think that such design is only meant for the company's convenience in reusing certain runners. Yet, it doesn't decrease the articulation capability of that component at all. ^^ On the other hand, the separated segments of the skirt armors seem to give this component extra movable pieces, but this can only be seen more clearly once the armor parts are assembled.

Will be completing the entire inner frame when the body and head area assembled in the next posting. ^^

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