Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent, Sohi Gundam Set Part 8

Say hello to my little snake

Armoring up BB Senshi Sangokuden Joko Serpent after completing its plain form in the previous posting. ^^

All the extra parts of Joko Serpent's armors and special winged backpack 鳳熾翼.

All armor components of Joko Serpent.

It's good to see that the glossy serpent headgear matches the color of the golden stripes around the helmet (painted in Part 5) pretty well.

The special winged backpack 鳳熾翼 to be "returned" to Sousou Gundam for his emperor form. ^^

An armored Joko Serpent without any weapon attached.

A lot of leftover foil stickers this time. ^^

More images of the completed Joko Serpent:

Closeups on the details:

Holding the ax close to its body, the large size of the character is really emphasized. ^^

A look at the configuration of Joko Serpent's finishing move, 鉄火地雷衝:

Both shoulder armors, the headgear and backpack are needed to form the giant hammer called 鉄火練武.

The components are arranged in the order to form the combo weapon.

Various tabs on the different components connect to one another to form the weapon.

鉄火練武 is completed. ^^

The overall length of 鉄火練武 is about 11cm.
Even though it's shorter than 鋏刃戟 (12cm) or 双鉄火 (18cm) shown in the previous posting, its overall size is quite intimidating.

Then again, expect for the backpack portion, it's all hollow on the bottom face though ^^;

Two tabs beneath the backpack allow the weapon to be mounted to the forearm via the same slots used by 鉄火盾 shown in the previous posting.

Joko Serpent with 鉄火練武 for its finishing move, 鉄火地雷衝.

By slamming 鉄火練武 onto the ground, Joko Serpent is able to channel snake-like aura that spread and attack the enemies.

Even without Joko Serpent's own backpack part, the special winged backpack 鳳熾翼 can still be mounted onto his back. ^^

Since 鉄火練武 is only mounted on one of his arms, Joko Serpent can still wield his battle ax for a "full arms" mode. ^^

The action poses of this BB Senshi Sangokuden kit will be mixed with that from Sohi Gundam and Sousou Gundam when they are assembled in the future to show their relationship as kits from the same box set.

A very lovely BB Senshi Sangokuden kit this is. ^^ The existing glossy gold and blue molded for the parts are great colors to begin with, the shiny effect of Gaia Color 124 Star Bright Brass painted on some of the parts are great compliment to the overall kit as well. ^^ I'm certainly glad that the paint result turned out really nice on this kit. ^^

Joko Serpent's size is pretty impressive as well. The large shoulder and leg armors plus the wide wingspan of 鳳熾翼 really make him look huge. I would say his overall size is just about the same level as his good buddy Chouryou Gelgoog. Then again, between the two, Joko Serpent's versatile combination possibilities for his battle ax plus special finishing move make him much more enjoyable as a completed kit. ^^

Great color, big weapon, big armor, just the right combination for a great BB Senshi Sangokuden kit for me. ^^

Sohi Gundam will be featured next, but not too soon. ^^

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