Thursday, May 10, 2012

1/100 Gundam Astraea Part 2

Messy gold and silver

Focusing all attention on detailing the two beam weapons of 1/100 Gundam Astraea after the introduction yesterday.

Parts of GN Launcher.

Parts of GN Beam Rifle.

The "Mechanical Details" parts in GN Launcher (Left) and GN Beam Rifle.
There are plenty of details not to be missed on these two parts. ^^

Referencing the construction manual for the two parts' paint scheme. The detailing shown is only focusing on a few limited spots it seems. ^^;
I will apply my own colors to the parts then. ^^

The interior of GN Launcher's mecha part and the weapon's muzzle are "painted" black using whiteboard marker ink.

Excessive paint on the part's surface is scratched away using a knife.

The pipe in the middle is painted gold and silver using normal pen.

I think the existence of that "gutter"in the middle of the pipe is entirely due to the mold design. To keep it as a one-piece part, the pipe wasn't made whole in its appearance. Fortunately, that allows some creative paint work to be applied to the different segments. ^^

Gold (from Gundam Marker) and silver (from normal pen) for the cylinder on top of the mecha part.

Added light blue, also from Gundam Marker to the stripes in front and behind the cylinder. The stripes' look reminded me of GN Stripes seen on many Celestial Beings' Gundams, hence the color. The golden edges of the stripes are done using normal pen.

Done with the paint work on GN Launcher's mecha part.

Test fitting the painted parts to see how the components would turn out when assembled. ^^
Everything would be hidden inside the weapon except the top cylinder that can be partially seen through the slits on the launcher's body. ^^;

The many "rings" and pipes on GN Beam Rifle's mecha part are painted using Gundam Marker Gold and Pilot Super Color Silver Extra Fine.
The "rings" should form a complete pipe, but like the mecha part of GN Launcher, they are molded with that rather disjointed look.

(Left) Excessive paint around the pipes are scratched away using a knife or hidden using reapplied panel lines. ^^
(Right) The "button" behind the mecha part, which I regarded as the tip of the pipe is painted gold using Gundam Marker.

Paint markers and pens used for most of the detailing work on the two parts. ^^

Simple panel lining for the beam launcher's and beam rifle's parts.

The stripe-like portion on GN Launcher's connector part is painted using Gundam Marker Light Blue.

Pretty extensive molded details on the edges of GN Beam Rifle's forestock parts. ^^

Done with the two beam weapons, moving on to more detailing work for other weapon parts in the next posting. ^^

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