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BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent, Sohi Gundam Set Part 10

Unmistakable royalty

Finishing up with Sohi Gundam from BB Senshi Sangokuden Kibutei Sousou Gundam, Joko Serpent, Sohi Gundam Set after Part 9 of this review series last night. ^^

All armor components of Sohi Gundam completed in Part 9.

An armored Sohi Gundam without any weapon attached.

It's (somewhat) depicted in the manual that you can only choose to mount 黑翼刀 or the combined shield's handle to the back of the model at any one time, but I find that there's enough clearance for both components to be on the back together.

Armed with Itenken (威天剣 - gold) and Seihouken (星凰剣 - blue), all three of Sohi Gundam's swords can be seen on the model. ^^

Just like Joko Serpent, there are a lot of leftover foil stickers from Sohi Gundam's assembly. ^^

More images of the completed model:

Closeups on the details:

As compared to Joko Serpent's huge battle ax, Sohi Gundam's single-handed swords are a lot easier for the model to hold and pose with. ^^

A look at the configuration of Sohi Gundam's special combo weapon, Kouten Shichiseigeki (光天七星戟):

The entire weapons will consist of Itenken, Seihouken, Sohi Gundam's shoulder shields and a connector part.
The two swords' pommels must be detached first.

(Left) The handles of the swords are inserted into dedicated slots behind the shoulder shield pieces.
(Right) The connector part is used to link the two shield pieces.

Kouten Shichiseigeki (光天七星戟) is completed.

The weapon's overall length of about 20cm is slightly longer than that of the combined sword Houou Shichiseizou (鳳凰七星槍) shown in Part 9.

Kouten Shichiseigeki is equipped onto Sohi Gundam using the handle on the connector piece.
A very long weapon + a very short model = very little posability for either ^^;

Sohi Gundam's finishing move using Houou Shichiseizou is called 蒼炎轉舞. When Sohi Gundam spins the combo weapon, the sword edges would generate blue flame that could burn and destroy everything.

In my opinion, the combined shield looks great as a separated equipment on its own. ^^
It looks more "useful" as well, ^^; as compared to its separated shoulder plate form.

The reference to Gundam X Divider's Beam Harmonica is too obvious with the combined shield. ^^ It's a very nice looking shield on its own actually. ^^

Sohi Gundam has a very different feel as compared to Joko Serpent. Bulk is the immediate feature to be seen on the latter when it's completed; but for the prince, the most outstanding feature is not clearly detectable. The wings are huge, but nothing else on the model is of such size, so size is not the focus. The crown is very detailed, but in comparison, the skirt armor is actually a lot simpler than Joko Serpent's same component; Itenken and Seihouken are very detailed as well, but it's not immediately clear if all those details are designed because the weapon is going to end up on Sousou Gundam instead of Sohi Gundam (same case as the crown and eagle head chest piece). So elaborate details are the main focus of Sohi Gundam as well. The color combination is not too attractive in my opinion. ^^; The color scheme of dark blue, black and red made the model seemed not as outstanding as Joko Serpent, and definitely not his father, Sousou Gundam.

As a result of all those observation, I have mixed feelings about Sohi Gundam. ^^; It's still a very nice BB Senshi Sangokuden model kit, the details and weapon gimmicks are just as fun as any other kits of the same series. On the other hand, in terms of character design, "unremarkable" is perhaps the word I would use to describe the prince. I don't think I would bother getting its individual release if it's not featured in this box set. ^^;

Unremarkable would be the last word to be associated with the next kit from this box set to be assembled. ^^; The emperor of Giga, Sousou Gundam will be featured last in the near future. ^^

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