Monday, May 14, 2012

Hot Toys 1/6 War Machine Part 2

Mini gun that is full of win

A look at more of Hot Toys 1/6 War Machine's weapons and accessories after the lengthy introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Three sets of option hand units for this figure.

The fixed spread palm.

(Left) Clear part in the middle of the palm will be used to show off the Repulsor's lighting gimmick
(Right) The base is made of not-so soft soft plastic (XD) that would allow the spread palm to be attached to the wrist joint.

The second option hand unit type to be introduced: the open-type which are very similar to the spread palms, albeit having fingers that are more curved inward.

The visible spaces between the finger segments are filled with sculpt details. ^^

Last but not least: the pair with fully articulated fingers.

(Left) On the outside, the simplicity of the finger design makes it looks pretty much just like the spread palm, ...
(Right) ... but all the joints between the finger segments seen on the bottom face tells a completely different story. ^^

(Left) Hinge joints between the finger segments.
(Right) The same clear part in the middle of the palm to show off the Repulsor's lighting gimmick

Even though the fingers are individually bendable, they aren't strong enough to hold on to anything. Just for display is the role assigned to this hand unit type. ^^

The default closed fist on the figure has no clear part for the Repulsor, and not supposed to anyway. I wonder how many people would like to pose War Machine blasting his own fingers off using the palm Repulsor XD

(Left) Popping off the hand unit is just as simple as that on other smaller scale action figure, but the joint on this figure feels a lot tighter and hard to pull off.
(Right) A huge ball-type joint for the wrist, and the LED is cleverly incorporated in the middle of that joint. ^^

Another look at the closed fist pair.

(Left) Just like the head and chest in the previous posting, a tiny clear stripe near the elbow needs to be pulled out before the palm's lighting gimmick can be activated.
(Right) The wrist joint is standard to any of the first three option hand unit types, including the pair with all articulated fingers.

The switch is placed beneath the forearm, to be hidden by the machine gun when it comes on later.

Repulsor on! ^^

The lighting gimmick is obviously available on both hands. ^^

While the light seems to be somewhat blueish in the images above, it's actually white, just like the chest Arc Reactor shown in the previous posting. ^^

The forearm machine guns are tightly packed on the plastic tray. I used a cotton swap to "jack" them out to avoid scratching off its paint if I used my fingers or other tools. ^^

The machine guns do look rather simple on their own. The clips/mount racks behind the forearm would add on more details and give them a more "complete" look.

Closeups on the machine guns' details.

The slots beneath the guns to be used to mount to the forearm.

To mount the machine gun, the two clamp-like pieces are folded outward first.

(Left) You can see "R" molded near the peg, which obviously identify which side of the arms the clamps are on. I believe the letter is meant more for the factory worker when assembling the figure, not the collectors. Since the clamps are already on their arms when you first get the figure, the identification letter is not necessary anymore to collectors.
(Right) As mentioned before, the slots beneath the guns are pegged to their respective connector to complete the assembly.

The last step is just to fold the machine gun inward so that it sits right beneath the forearm. There's no tab to secure the connection though, which is almost a surprise to me, but the clamps are strong enough to hold the machine gun in place.

The machine gun is mounted to the right forearm. ^^
The yellow stripe printed at the end of the weapon is used to identify which machine gun is meant for which arm.

The same clamps and pegs to mount the machine gun on the left forearm.

The left forearm-mounted machine gun.

The shoulder-mounted mini gun with its ammo belt.

Despite being just a long soft plastic piece, the level of details on the ammo belt is amazing. The different segments are clearly visible, with consistent and well designed elevated details molded on the entire piece. ^^

(Left) The ammo belt's flexibility is clearly demonstrated. ^^
(Right) Overall length of the belt is a little more than 15cm.

The shoulder-mounted mini gun is my favorite weapon design on this figure. ^^

Even before talking about its flexible joint design, the level of details incorporated into various parts of the weapon is tremendous. ^^

Except for the ones to be introduced after this, the "joints" that look like they are movable are all fixed, but their authentic-looking details can be deceiving, very nicely so I should add. ^^

Horizontal rotation is the most basic articulation ability for the machine gun.

The joint between the mini gun and its connecting arm ...

... allows the weapon to be tilted to either side of the connecting arm, depending on which side the mini gun is mounted on the back of War Machine.

The rear barrel that carries the feed tray is rotatable, allow the ammo belt to be connected to it from various sides.

The mini gun mount rack on the back of the figure can be slide to the left or right side very easily.

Connecting the ammo belt to the feed tray behind the mini gun.

Another end of the ammo belt is connected to a slot on the figure's spine.
Almost it seems that there are two slots to the belt, only one of them has the right fitting size. ^^

The last step in mounting the mini gun is just a matter of fitting its joint to the slot in the middle of the base.

Because of the joints' design, you have to play around with slight adjustments here and there to get the mini gun in an upright position.

Like this. ^^

The connector arm can be adjusted to increase/decrease the distance between the weapon and the figure.

Horizontal movement (side-to-side turning) of the weapon can still be adjusted when it's already mounted on the figure.

Sliding the entire base to the left hand side of the figure can be done very easily. ^^

Vertical positioning of the weapon is of course possible. ^^

Vertical positioning of the weapon behind the figure is possible as well. ^^
The weapon's movie-accurate all-range coverage is very fun to play with. ^^

War Machine's mini gun craziness from "Iron Man 2" ^^

The option head unit with Rhodey (Don Cheadle)'s face sculpt is another awesomely detailed accessories in this Hot Toys set.

The accurateness of the face sculpt when compared to Don Cheadle is just unbelievable, almost creepily so for those (like me) who aren't used to large scale action figures designed based on real people. ^^

Designs on other parts of the head unit are pretty standard-looking.

Apart from its very nice glossy silver paint and the fact that it's removable from the head, the level of details behind the mask is another crazy point on this figure. ^^

The overall design of the mask's interior looks like Darth Vader's face to me. ^^

The chin portion of the option head unit can be lowered to reveal a little bit more of Don Cheadle's face, which is also a movie-accurate design point.

Magnets are used to attach the mask to the top of the head, or to secure it to the face. Two magnets on top of the face can be seen can be seen in the image above.

Another magnet is located inside the chin area.

In "Open" mode, the mask is technically just "hanging" on top of the head. ^^

Worry not that the mask would fall off easily, as demonstrated in the image above.
Even an upside-down position doesn't affect the mask's linkage to the head at all. ^^

In "Close" mode, the mask can completely conceal Don Cheadle's face.

The option head unit is made to be completely the same as the default one with lighting gimmick in terms of size, color and details, which I think is really cool. ^^
Until the mask is lifted, you won't be able to tell which head unit is used on the figure at that point.

Popping the head off (that sounds wrong ^^;) is almost the same as swapping the hand units on this figure.

It's not very clear in the image above, but there's a clear part inside the joint slot to channel light from the neck joint to be projected through the eyes.

A huge ball-type joint for the neck, the biggest one out of all the figures in my collection, which doubles as a 30cm tall beacon too. XD

The option head unit is used, but that isn't noticeable until ...

... the mask is lifted upward. ^^

I really can't praise enough about the shoulder mounted mini gun. Everything about the figure is very well detailed, but I just love the mini gun. ^^ The amount of details, paint work, articulation, posability put into this single weapon is just incredible. As a matter of fact, I think it looks great just sitting like that over either side of War Machine's shoulders. We've seen its firepower in the movie, but even in an idle state, it serves well to symbolize War Machine's power and weaponry, at least in my opinion that is. ^^

Then again, what you see in the previous and this posting aren't the entire arsenal of War Machine. ^^ I'm saving some other good stuff for another posting. ^^

More images of Hot Toys 1/6 War Machine coming up in the next posting. ^^


MSA-005K said...

These Hot Toys reviews are killer. I'm thinking of ordering my own War Machine, the black and white Special Version.

NK, are you going to buy any more Hot Toys? I've already got Nick Fury and Hawkeye preordered, and since I've got two I might as well get the rest of the cast of The Avengers.

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