Thursday, May 24, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku Part 4

White paint is needed for black parts previously, now black paint is needed for white parts instead

Finally, some easier stuff for BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku. XD

Same old same old treatment for the character's name on the sole.
Like Kibutei Sousou Gundam, the names are painted gold to highlight Sonken Gundam's royalty. ^^

While they are not really visible in the box side image, the little bars on the knee are painted red (using normal pen) to establish a closer relationship between the model and the its Gundam "actor" - Gundam GP01 which has red bars on its knees. ^^

Done for the leg parts. ^^

The border between the frontal ankle guard and feet armor is painted using Gundam Marker Black.

Done for all the leg parts, including the two ankle guards with panel lining applied only.

Panel lining for the shoulders, arms and some of the Korinpaku parts.

(Left) Just a single one-piece part for Sonken Zephyranthes's sword Gaouken 01 (牙王剣・零壱).
(Right) The box side image is used as reference to the sword's colors.

The cross-guard is painted using Gundam Marker Gold.
The entire hilt isn't painted as the paint would most likely be scratched off by the model's hand after assembly. ^^;

The handle is panel lined using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).
The little black slit on the fuller is painted by dripping whiteboard marker ink into it.

Done for Gaouken 01.
I realize the entire blade should be painted silver, but I only remembered that when the panel lines were done. To not have to reapply the panel lines, I decided to just keep the sword in its original color. ^^;

The two helmet parts of Sonken Gundam will require a great deal of paint work to realize the entire component's color. ^^;

(Left) Panel lines are added to the two parts first.
(Right) The sunken areas on the sideburns and top forehead parts are painted red using Gundam Marker.

The border between the sunken areas and the armor edges are panel lined.
The little buttons near the edge of the sideburns are painted using Gundam Marker Gold.

Black as the "absolute" color helps to cover up spilled over red paint on the sideburns.
The paint used is Gaia Color 022 Semi Gloss Black.

The interior portion of the sideburns is painted as well.

Much like the one on the chest armor shown in Part 2, the diamond-shaped jewel on top of the forehead is painted using Gundam Marker Metallic Blue from BB Senshi Sangokuden set.

Done for the two helmet parts.

This round of work is definitely easier than the previous. ^^ Even for the helmet parts where many colors are needed, the work is still not too complicated since the paints are applied onto large white parts.

Only the face and a few other Korinpaku parts left on the list. ^^

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