Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MG Zaku II F2 EFSF Ver. Part 9

The much needed look of completeness

More images of the just completed MG Zaku II F2 EFSF Ver. to be featured in this posting, but before that, a look at how capable the skirt armor is in showcasing mounting the many weapons included for the model. ^^

With all weapons and the kit's special option hand units completed back in Part 6.

While each side skirt armor are designed with four slots, only the top two have the right depth to be used as mount racks for the various weapon components.

Making use of the armor's wide area, the two slots on the rear skirt armor are reserved for the machine gun.

While all four slots on the side skirt armors can be used, limited space to store everything doesn't permit all weapon parts to be mounted, especially with the machine gun and bazooka blocking from behind. ^^;
For the left side skirt armor, choose between the hand grenade sets or ammo drum; on the opposite side, choose between the Heat Hawk and Sturm Faust. ^^;

The bazooka then machine gun pretty much hide the entire rear skirt armor when they are on their mount racks. XD

Since the machine gun is mounted, I chose its ammo drum to be mounted on the left side skirt armor.

The "maximum" full-arm MG Zaku II F2 EFSF Ver. ^^

Except for the hand grenade set, all the weapons are up on this Zaku II F2. ^^ Since the right side skirt armor is used to mount the Heat Hawk, the Sturm Faust becomes the hand carried weapon for Zaku II F2, ^^ and because of that, the trigger-type option hand unit is not used.

On the other hand, something I didn't mentioned when the bazooka was assembled: it's not possible for the targeting scope to be flipped downward. ^^; I could understand that this is to prevent the scope's arm from sagging downward even when its joint is somewhat exhausted, but having the scope poking outward (that much) and is not possible for its position to be adjusted in storage mode is a bit unfortunate nonetheless. ^^; Zaku II F2 better not take off when it's carrying the bazooka then, or the pilot better hopes the MS's mono-eye camera is good enough as the substitute for the bazooka's targeting scope blasted off by the backpack thruster. XD

Closeups on the details:

For the record, I love model kits that are designed with mount racks that can carry as many weapons possible to be loaded onto it. ^^ The "full-arm" feature makes that particular MS looks like it's ready for all sorts of situations. ^^ Take this Zaku II F2 for example, Zaku Bazooka and Sturm Faust for long-range attack - check; Zaku Machine Gun for mid-range attack - check; Heat Hawk for melee attack - check, and it still have the right shoulder shield for defense, and spikes on the left shoulder shield when everything is gone. ^^ It's prepared for everything. ^^

I think that liking comes from watching Kampfer in action in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket". ^^ It carries enough weapons to destroy an entire MS platoon on its own, which it did. ^^ In terms of Gunplas, the first kit I assembled with such versatile full-arm feature was MG Gundam Mk. II AEUG Ver.. ^^ Its ability to mount all its hand-carried weapons plus extra magazines was very fun to play with when I completed it. ^^

Even until today, I would still try to fit all weapons that a particular model kit can carry onto it before taking pictures of its plain standing poses and closeups, as evidenced in all my previous Gunpla reviews. ^^

Action poses of this MG kit coming up next. ^^

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