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MG Zaku II F2 EFSF Ver. Part 12 [Final]

The ultimate Gundam universe bro fist

The last posting for the review of MG Zaku II F2 EFSF Ver. already. ^^

Minus all the weapons it's carrying on its skirt armor, this is actually the box art action pose. ^^

The pose is supposed to emphasize the model's mono-eye camera, but it's not obvious on the model kit itself because of light bouncing off the clear visor part. ^^;

A not-so valid comparison with MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0, the "successor" in the MG Zaku line released about five years after Zaku II F2. ^^

Front view

Rear view

The Zeon version would be a slightly better candidate for comparison with Ver. 2.0 due to their matching color scheme, but I haven't build that kit yet. ^^;

Ver. 2.0 has a more balanced proportion it seems. The wider chest matches the size of its skirt armor better than the same comparison on Zaku II F2. At the same time, it's arguably a more "beefed-up" version as well, with its ginormous thigh and relatively shorter leg as compared to those two components on Zaku II F2. ^^ Then again, like I said earlier on, the comparison is not exactly valid since the two Zakus are from different timelines and series. In that sense, Zaku II Kai (MS-06FZ) from "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket" looks very different from these two brother units as well.

Speaking of brotherhood, this MS would be even more closely related to Zaku II EFSF Ver. (emphasis on that affiliation ^^) than the two mentioned above: ^^

Gundam GP01 ^^

As seen in the anime, Zaku II EFSF Ver. actually fought alongside a Gundam (Gundam GP01) and two GMs (GM Kai and GM Cannon) in pursuit of another Gundam (Gundam GP02A).

I believe that the idea of having a Zaku fighting together a Gundam against "fellow" mono-eye Zeon units and another renegade Gundam must be deliberate on the writer's side to contradict the image of the various opposing factions and their MSs depicted in the One Year War. ^^ It's crazy, but in a very fun way, and the setting actually made sense, pretty much just like all the other crazy stuff that happen in "MS Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory", most which I noted in my review on that show back in 2006. ^^

One of the craziest scenes from that Torrington base pursuit episode in my opinion has to be this one: ^^

Gundam-Zaku bro fist XD

Technically that's not how you do a bro fist, and in the Gundam universe, that connection is the easiest way to facilitate communication between MSs. Still, it's crazy. ^^ Just for the fun of it, I would often return to this particular segment in the episode to watch that "bro fist" moment. ^^ No matter how serious the dialogue between Kou and Keith may sound at that point, I just can't help myself from laughing at that scene. XD

Anyway, this is a very good Gunpla kit despite its age. Its details and articulation design may not be as advanced as newer releases in the MG line, it's a very fun build nonetheless. ^^

I'm actually refraining myself from spilling out too much details here, so that I can avoid the dilemma of having nothing more to say when I assemble the Zeon version. ^^ I think the fact that I went out to get both versions is a clear indication on its own how much I love this kit. ^^

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