Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hot Toys 1/6 War Machine Part 3

The romance of war machine

More images of Hot Toys 1/6 War Machine after the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details of the figure:


[Shoulder-mounted mini gun]





I love this Hot Toys figure. It's just so freaking awesome. ^^ Its plain standing pose is already enough for me to be impressed about it really. ^^ All the movie-accurate details, overall proportion that is just right, overall matte dark gray and gray color combination, weathering effect, glossy silver mask, markings on the chest and shoulder armors, all which you can observe before playing with its weapons, accessories, articulation and lighting gimmicks. ^^ Everything about this War Machine figure is just so amazing. ^^

Many would probably think that, "Well, for its hefty price tag, it should very well deliver this level of high quality in all aspects." I don't disagree to that statement, but you would have to "map" all of the figure's goodness to the money paid for it to find out whether the two is equivalent. So, the matte paint scheme costs XXX, the fully articulated option hand units cost XXX, sculpt details of that option head unit with Don Cheadle's face costs XXX and so on. If everything adds on correctly, you would get your answer on whether the price is justified.

For me, the figure is loaded with so much awesomeness I don't really care about the price anymore. I was genuinely impressed and amazed with its look and paint work the moment I took it out of the box (still am by the way ^^), and to me, that feeling alone is worth the money I paid. ^^ It's very much the same experience from reviewing Hot Toys' 1/6 scale Jill Valentine BSAA Ver.. ^^ The out-of-box experience of that figure was just as exciting as War Machine. ^^

There are tons of other gimmicks to introduce about Hot Toys' War Machine, but this posting feels like it's a wrap for the figure's review already. XD You will hear my praises for it again and again in the next few postings, but just for this one, that simplistic standing pose showing off its overall paint work and details is the focus. ^^

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