Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Truck Part 3

Small, fast to build

Going for something a lot easier to build (and review) in this chaotic round of busyness. ^^;

Trying out the first alternate mode, a jeep towing a speedboat from Lego Creator No. 5765 Transport Truck that was completed last month.

Back to square one with the transport truck dismantled and the parts reorganized before starting the (re)assembly. ^^

Not too many parts to form the speedboat. ^^

The engine and propeller are the last components to be added.

The completed speedboat.

Assembled the foundation of the jeep's body.

Adding on more parts to form the jeep's front and rear lights, bumper and even car plate. ^^

Several other brick parts are added and the hood, windows and roof are formed.

The spare tire and its mount are quite the highlight on the jeep. ^^

The wheels and roof racks are the last few parts to go onto the vehicle.
It's very interesting to see how the landing skids of transport truck's helicopter are now the roof racks of the jeep. ^^

The jeep is completed. ^^

More images of the jeep as a single vehicle.

With the mini speedboat completed earlier on.

Some of the longest plate-type parts are used for the boat trailer.

The boat trailer is done.
Small as it is, the tail lights and register plate are still included. ^^

All three vehicle components are done.

Just a hook behind the jeep connects the vehicle to the boat trailer.

Only two studs at the rear edge of the trailer mount to the bottom of the speedboat.

Enabled by the very loose connection, the two components can be tilted.

Overall length of the entire model is about 20cm.

More images of the completed jeep trailer:

Closeups on the details:

Quite a lot of leftover parts from the entire assembly.

The jeep is not too bad in terms of its design, although the sharp angles around the vehicle, especially the windows make it seem quite polygonal, but I suppose that's the limitation of the overall model being in such a small scale. The tolerance of more parts to "smooth" some of the sharp edges is low. Overall, it's still a pretty fun model to build. ^^ The speedboat and spare tire mount behind the jeep are my favorite components in this model. ^^

Will try out the last alternate model of this set, a flat nose truck towing a car in the near future. ^^

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