Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Figma Haruhi School Summer Fuku Ver. Part 1

Old figure of an old show still as good as new

Switching back to action figure review after the work on Kotobukiya's M.S.G. Weapon Unit MW-28 Impact Edge. ^^

A pretty old release this is, but it remained an unopened item in my collection all this while. ^^

This is Figma No. 34 Haruhi School Uniform Ver. which was released in 2009. The product name instantly reminds me of Figma Miyuki who has Winter and Summer Fuku variations. That story couldn't be anymore different with Haruhi actually. ^^ Like Miyuki, the Winter Fuku came out first in 2008, and was just called School Uniform Ver. Like Miyuki again, the time gap between the two versions' releases was pretty long as well, even though the changes made to the content for the different releases is lesser as compared to the two versions of Miyuki in my opinion. Take the school uniform for example, the Winter Fuku version has long sleeves, while this Summer Fuku ver. has short sleeves, and that's pretty much it ^^ - everything else about the uniform is the same. Of course the different accessories included for the two must be kept in consideration as well.

"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" where this character comes from was one of the earliest anime series I watched actually. I enjoyed the show a lot, just much as the characters in the show and the performance of Aya Hirano (平野綾) as Haruhi. ^^ I can definitely feel Kyon's frustration having to put up with Haruhi in the show, but the goofball-ness and unique imagination of Haruhi, plus all the troubles caused by her was very fun to watch. For that, Haruhi is one of the earliest anime characters that I really like as well. ^^

Anyway, this is the forth merchandise of Haruhi in my collection, after Max Factory's 1/8 figurine version, Bandai's 1/8 Metamo Figure and Good Smile Company's Nendoroid version. ^^ I must have talked about my liking towards the character in those reviews as well so I won't repeat myself here.

Regarding this Figma action figure, I actually pawned it off a local online forum member who was willing to let her at a relatively low price together with some other stuff in September last year. ^^ I considered it to be a great bargain, since the figure is hard to find in the regular market nowadays given its age, but I managed to get it as an unopened item. ^^

Closer look at the figure and accessories through the front window.

Typical Figma design on all sides of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

Box open.

A bit of instruction on how to remove the hair and swap the face shown on one of the box flaps.

Front view of the package content.

Rear view of the package content.

Package content without the top cover.

A very generic foil card as the backdrop for this figure. ^^

A few plastic wrappers to be removed from the figure. ^^

Straight out of box Haruhi. ^^

More images of the figure and introduction of all the accessories coming up next. ^^

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