Friday, March 19, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki Part 4 [Final]

Almost emotionless emotion

The last part of my review on Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki, with more images of her in sailor fuku since it has no retrain on her movement as compared to the witch cloak.

Changing the option face part for Yuki, which doesn't show much change in her emotion. XD
The process is quite similar to the Figma series, but the neck joint is on the face part. Taking it out and swapping it to the other face part is quite cumbersome. ^^;

A bit of change in the mood for Yuki with the new face part. ... ^^

... But now the photos only work when you take them from her left. ^^;

After Yoko and Asuka, I think I'm quite used to the "unpleasantly" exposed elbow and knee joints. ^^; So no more complain there. That out of the picture, I think this is another great Revoltech Fraulein figure, in terms of details like the guitar and Shamisen, and rom that point, plenty of playability with all the accessories included.

I haven't seen the Figma version of Yuki really, so no comparison here, but overall, this Fraulein version has a lot of fun to offer. ^^

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weehacker said...

You should totally check out Actar's review on Figmas, and there's one review where compare the Revoltech Fraulein Haruhi with Figmas. You'll be surprised the Figmas are.

Chris said...

I also own this Fraulein instead of the Figma. But I can tell you that Figma's face looks closer to the anime version. And the hands from Figma don't looks as HUGE as the Fraulein....

Actar said...

Indeed, while the Frauleins are good in their own way, the Figmas simply out class them in nearly every aspect, from sculp, to build quality, to articulation.

Highly recommended you pick up the Figma version as well.

Would really enjoy a comparison review. (^.^)