Friday, October 3, 2014

Kotobukiya's MSG MW-26 Dynamic Chain Saw Part 3

A very safe chain saw

Back to a bit of plamo kit assembly after closing out the review on Woodelix Rider Machine in the previous posting. ^^

With its minor detailing and painting done over a year ago, this is M.S.G. (Modeling Support Goods) Weapon Unit MW-26 Dynamic Chain from Kotobukiya. ^^

Boxes containing parts for two sets of the chain saw.

Parts for the main body.

(Left) The straight peg on the main handle part was painted gold in Part 2.
(Right) It looks like a polycap, and it functions like one too, but it's made of ABS hard plastic.

The wind-up motor is secured to its designated space inside the main body.

The knob to activate the wind-up motor is exposed outside of the model.
The mechanism design is identical to that on MW-20 Gatling Gun.

The ABS "polycap" highlighted earlier on is responsible in enabling the handle's hinge and swivel movement.

When the handle is hinged to the top, it can be swivelled around to have the hand guard facing the front side of the weapon.

(Left) A tiny cap plugs onto the tip of the wind-up motor's pin very tightly.
(Right) The gear disc assembled onto the cap has a specific slot to fit the cap's protruding tab on its side.
The motor turns the pin, the pin turns the cap, the cap turns the gear disc, and the gear disc turns the chains. ^^ The mechanism is simple, but still very fun to discover while assembling the parts.

Two separate swivelling points for the supporting handle that is connected to its designated slot in front of the weapon.

The painted tip of the supporting handle's peg.

Done for the main body.
The chain is the next component to be assembled, before the outer cover can be connected to the main cover.

All 40 parts, divided into two 20-piece sets featuring opposing saw tips.

(Left) Closeup on the opposing saw tips of the two types.
(Right) The chain parts are really small, and obviously very easy to lose if they are not handled careful. ^^;

Simple clip-on assembly to connect between the chain parts.

The parts are assembled into sets of two for a more organized assembly.

Done for the chain.
As you can see, the connected hinges allow the entire chain to be bent very easily.

Total length of the chain: very close to 20cm.

The chain's loop can actually be closed before it's attached to the main body. ^^

With the chain assembled onto the main body.
The chain attaches to, and curls around the gear disc accurately. ^^

The extra chain pieces included are not necessary at all. ^^

With the outer cover snapped onto the main body, covering the entire chain, the simple assembly for M.S.G. Weapon Unit MW-26 Dynamic Chain is done. ^^

Closeups on the details:

A look at the chain saw gimmick:

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Simple, but definitely very fun to play with. ^^ The chain saw's movement seems realistic enough, even though it also fits the general fictitious weapon setting of being sharp, and seemingly powerful just because the chain pieces are in silver, like a sword. XD Then again, it's actually very safe to play with. ^^ The saw tips are too blunt to do anything at all, and the chain moves too slowly for a sufficient cutting force to be generated. ^^; I don't think you can cut through a jelly with this model. XD In the end, like the silver color of the chain pieces, the wind-up motor gimmick for the rotating chain is there for show only.

Showing off the chain saw as wielded by other model kits in the next posting. ^^

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