Monday, October 13, 2014

Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Legion Class Knock Out Part 2

Near seamless component separation

A look at "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Legion Class Knock Out's transformation design after focusing on its robot mode in the previous posting. ^^

Shockblade needs to be detached first.

The feet, with the rear wheels attached to them, are rotated upward until they touch the knee spikes.

The two legs are snapped together.

From the top of the car, the one-piece roof, windscreen, and hood is rotated downward for 180 degrees.

The hood has elaborate details molded beneath it, which is interesting to see, but quite puzzling at the same time - most of the details cannot be seen in robot mode, and all of them are going to be hidden inside the car in vehicle mode. ^^;

Very accurate clearance that allows the head to pass through the gap between the hood and front section. There's even a small divot behind the car front to accommodate Knock Out's horn when the head is being bent downward. ^^

The arms are swung downward on either side of the body.

A peg behind either arm helps to secure the door to the main body.

The entire front section is rotated backward, and snapped in place on top the car.

All done for Knock Out's transformation. ^^

More images of this Cyberverse Legion Class figure in vehicle mode:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

As mentioned in the previous posting, Knock Out's robot mode is average. Its vehicle mode on the other hand, is definitely the more impressive side of the figure. ^^ The transformation is Legion class-level simple, but the part separation that contributes to an overall seamless car mode is most impressive. ^^ The parting line on the hood seems to integrate well with the car's head section; while the side windows, which form part of the arms, integrate very well with the car body to look like legitimate car doors. ^^ As a small-size car figure, Knock Out is really well done. ^^

Fits in the palm of my hand nicely. ^^

In car mode, the pattern that fills out the lower half on either side of the body can be seen in its entirety, but it's not exactly too special in my opinion. ^^; It certainly doesn't help to project Knock Out's unique identity in any way, so I suppose it's included just for cosmetic purpose. ^^; The Decepticon logo in front of the hood, and the pretty screen-accurate grille design are my picks as the best details of the figure in car mode. ^^

Shockblade can be attached to the car the same way it does in robot mode, albeit with some limitations. ^^;

The weapon can be mounted on the roof, or on either door.

Shockblade's handle must be positioned to be top-facing when the weapon is attached to either door. As indicated in the image above, the handle stretches over the bottom edge of the car, and would disallow it to be placed properly on the surface. ^^;

Just for the funny hahas, the weapon can also be mounted to the door like an outreaching sword. XD

Back to the robot mode of Knock Out for some action poses in the next posting, which will be the last one in this review series. ^^

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