Monday, October 20, 2014

Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom Part 3

That fierce look that I always like

More images of Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom after the previous posting: ^^

Closeups on details:




[Left arms]

[Right arms]


[Gatling shield]


In terms of looks, I think this Gouf Custom is probably the best design as compared to all of the MS's previous iterations, which include the original HG 1/144 scale version, Master Grade, Mobile Suit in Action!!, Zeonography, HCM-Pro, and HGUC. ^^ I'm not saying that just to knock on all the older versions just because I'm reviewing this figure right now - I have the HGUC kit yet to be assembled. ^^ All the aforementioned versions of Gouf Custom have their own merits, and they seem to share one design similarity - depicting the MS as accurately as it should following the Gouf lineage. While it's not a weakness per se - that design accuracy should be regarded as a strength instead, it doesn't help to portray the fearsome look of Gouf Custom as well as this Robot Damashii design does. ^^ For this figure, the head is smaller, and shorter, giving its mono-eye camera a much sharper look; the legs are larger, the thighs are shorter but bulkier, and the waist bigger as well, giving the body a more powerful look; the shield as shown in the the previous posting, looks broader but shorter, which helps to give more focus to the gun barrel section on the entire gatling shield. All those points represent an unconditional emphasis on the visual elements that make Gouf Custom look fearsome and awesome. For hitting those points all at once, this version of Gouf Custom certainly has that amazing look that I always imagined about it all this while. ^^

If only the normal type Heat Sword could be designed a little larger to give it a more aggressive look. ^^;

Moving on to the articulation design of this Robot Damashii figure next. ^^

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