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Kotobukiya's MSG MW-26 Dynamic Chain Saw Part 4 [Final]

Minor flexibility

The last posting for Kotobukiya's MSG MW-26 Dynamic Chain Saw already. ^^

Assembled another chain saw loop for set No. 2. ^^

Done for the second Dynamic Chain Saw. ^^

A look at a few alternate configurations for the main, and supporting handles:

Excluding the slot for the main handle, there are four ports, and one additional peg on the model that can be used to mount the handles, or be connected to other model kits according to your creativity. ^^

The main (right), and supporting handle.

Optional placement methods for the two handled on the model.

The straight peg on top the main body can be used to mount the supporting handle, but the latter has to be taken apart first. Given that most of the optional placement methods I tried above seemed really contrived, and don't really significantly increase the playability of the chain saw, I didn't feel that there was any need to try out the straight peg. ^^; The nature of the weapon limits the number of ways it can be held I suppose. It has to be handheld, and forward-thrusting most of the times. ^^; There's really no need to play around with the handles too much, just to end up with having very similar poses for the weapon anyway. ^^;

For some reason, the chain saw looks amazingly suitable to be wielded by 1/1 scale HoiHoi-san, also from Kotobukiya. ^^

Despite being a 1/144 scale kit, the hand units of HGUC Nu Gundam can fit the chain saw's handle very well. ^^

With HGUC Nu Gundam supported by Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

On the flip side, the handle proves to be too big for the hand unit of another 1/144 scale Gunpla, HG Tieren Ground Type. ^^;
Then again, Tieren is designed with hands that are smaller than other average MSs I believe.

The handle is a bit loose for 1/100 scale Gunplas, like Zaku Warrior with Blaze Wizard and Gunner Wizard.
Then again, the 1/100 scale Gunpla line from "MS Gundam SEED", and "MS Gundam SEED Destiny" does feature unnecessarily large opening for their weapon-type hand units. ^^; That should be a factor contributing to the noted looseness issue. ^^;

The aforementioned loose handle connection is not present on another 1/100 scale Gunpla, Gundam Avalanche Exia. ^^

Although it can be used by 1/144, or 1/100 scale model kits, I feel that Dynamic Chain Saw is not exactly suitable to be used by many, especially Gunplas. ^^; A chain saw is a very unorthodox weapon of choice, and there are really very few Mobile Suits out there that would look good holding one. ^^; Out of the four kits used for demo above, only 1/1 scale HoiHoi-san looks good with it, and in my opinion, that's mainly due to HoiHoi-san's unique nature. For a cutesy, small-sized robot maid designed to kill bugs, any weapon would look good on HoiHoi-san, because it's funny. ^^ However, on HGUC Nu Gundam, and 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia, the chain saw looks completely out of place. ^^;

The rather sci-fi design of the weapon makes it unsuitable to be posed with a human-type action figure as well. ^^; For that matter, I don't think even Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise would fancy this chain saw for his handiwork. ^^;

Overall, I think this is an interesting model kit to build. ^^ The old-school wind-up gimmick is always fun to play with, especially when its incorporation for this weapon seems completely appropriate. ^^ Unfortunately, the limited application of a chain saw on model kits, action figure alike is a limitation of this M.S.G. Weapon Unit set, and unfortunate one at that, since it has nothing to do with the actual kit itself. ^^; It's still fun to play with though. ^^

Finally, a comparison between Dynamic Chain Saw and another two previously reviewed M.S.G. Weapon Unit sets that I have in my collection: ^^

With MW-28 Impact Edge, and MW-20 Gatling Gun:

Identical cap that houses the wind-up motor's button can be found on Dynamic Chain Saw and MW-20 Gatling Gun. ^^

Length comparison between the three sets.

MW-20 Gatling Gun is still my pick as the coolest, most versatile set out of the three. ^^

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