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Kabaya Brave Legend Brave Gum Part 4

J-Decker (Part 1)

Going back to mecha-related collectibles after the review on Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock Battle Ver.. ^^ This is also going to be a move away from Gundam action figure after the review on Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom, as it's super robot, model kit, and transformation gimmick all roll into one.

After opening with King Exkaiser last month, the review series on Kabaya's Brave Legend Brave Gum shokugan set will continue with the second kit, J-Decker. ^^

J-Decker is the main combined robot from "Brave Police J-Decker" (勇者警察ジェイデッカー), which aired in Japan between 1994 and 1995 as the fifth Brave series. J-Decker shares many similarities with the previously reviewed King Exkaiser. They are both police robots, although Exkaiser is from space, while Deckard, the core robot of J-Decker is made on Earth. Both Exkaiser and Deckard transform into police cars as their vehicle mode, and they combine with large carrier-type vehicles to form the main combined robots in their respective shows. ^^ Those who are fans of the two shows, who are most likely fans of the entire Brave series should be able to tell more design similarities between the two robots in various aspects, but since J-Decker is the focus of my current review, I'll definitely make a note to discuss those similarities as observed through their model representations in this shokugan set. ^^

Limited by their size, and product nature, those similarities may not be as accurately represented as their actual mecha settings from their shows, but looking at how well the transformation, and combination works on King Exkaiser, I think the comparison should be somewhat valid, and fun. ^^

A closer look at J-Decker's box art.

(Left) Deckard, and J-Roader in their respective vehicle mode, and the robot formed from the two vehicles, J-Decker, are shown near the bottom right corner in front of the box.
(Right) The logo of "Brave Police J-Decker".

Introduction of the anime series on the left hand side of the box, while previews for the other two figures, King Exkaiser and GaoGaiGar can be seen on the right side.

Top, and bottom faces of the box.

Introduction of the various forms, transformation, and combination of the figure can be seen on the back of the box.

Box open.

The figure number designated for J-Decker can be seen printed on all the exposed box flaps.


A foil pack that contains the chewing gum.

(Left) The instruction on J-Decker's assembly and transformation can be seen printed on the inner side of the box.
(Right) No knife is needed to open up the box since it features easy-to-tear edge.

The pictorial instruction extends to all four sides of the box. ^^

The instruction is simple, but very comprehensive.

Sets of pegs and corresponding slots between the runners holding them in place.

Five runners in total for King Exkaiser.
All of them have the number "1", the figure number designated for J-Decker molded as their labels.

(Left) The main head part of J-Decker.
(Right) Pretty well molded Brave Police emblem on Deckard's hood piece, but it requires sticker to realize its full details.

(Left) The molded Brave Police emblem on the roof part of J-Roader is very well done too. ^^
(Right) Two parts to form J-Roader's truck cab.

One-piece parts for J-Decker's arms.

(Left) Fairly large one-piece torso piece for J-Decker.
(Right) One-piece part for J-Decker's rifle, J-Buster. Even though the weapon has a pistol mode in the series, it's fixed in rifle mode for this shokugan kit

Large parts for the combined robot's legs.

A large sheet of paper stickers to realize all the details on the model kit. ^^

(Left) Sticker piece for J-Decker's face.
(Right) Large "Police" pieces for J-Roader's body.

Very nicely printed Brave Police emblems.

Large white pieces for the thighs are not easily visible on the sheet. They can be located via their numbers. ^^

Like the previous review on King Exkaiser, the mini police car, Deckard will be assembled first.

Ten parts to form Deckard.

Parts laden with stickers. ^^
Despite their small size, many feature more than one piece of sticker on each of them.

J-Decker's head that pops up above the police car's roof will need to be retracted when forming Deckard.

Deckard in robot mode is completed.

Deckard is transformed for the vehicle mode to be shown off first. ^^

More images of Deckard in vehicle mode:

Bottom view:

Just a couple of simple steps needed to transform Deckard to its robot mode:

The car is split in half, with the front section then flipped to the front for 180 degrees.

Each rear side bumper is bent downward to form the shoulders, each side panel is hinged outward to form the arms.

The transformation is even easier than that of Exkaiser. ^^

More images of Deckard in robot mode:

The head is too small for any of Deckard's distinctive head features, especially his police cap peak, to be seen clearly. ^^;

The shoulders, and upper arms have simple hinge movements.

Simple hinge movements are possible for the hips, and knees as well, but having a single hood part to "represent" both legs means that those joints are as good as useless to have. ^^; The joints are meant for Deckard's and J-Decker's transformation.

Thanks to its many sticker pieces, the police car mode of Deckard seems pretty good for such a small-sized model. ^^ The three nicely printed Brave Police emblems give the car mode rich details that are not possible to have with just the all-white parts. The large sticker given to the robot mode's body is understandable, since Deckard's main color in that mode is blue, yet there's no runner molded in that color for this kit.

J-Roader's assembly will be up next. ^^

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