Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Random (102)


A month ago, I experienced what I would consider one of the biggest decisions in my life yet: a career switch from being a university lecturer, a work I did for close to eight years, to becoming an administrative staff of a large energy company. ^^ While I'm managing my new workload and expectations, pretty well too I would say, ^^ there are many new things I'm still learning about in this new complex corporate environment. ^^ At my old workplace, I used to be able to assist new colleagues in some of the paperwork and workflow, but as of now, in this new company, I'm the new kid going around asking about this and that.

It's oddly "refreshing" to become a complete noob again in a workplace. XD

While I can't tell you much about the specifications of my work, I can tell you that my office level, Level 9, has perhaps the most amazing view in the entire building. ^^

There's a great view of Kuching's landscape to be seen as far as the horizon.
Unfortunately, there's also haze to spoil the picture. ^^;

The pictures above were sometime last week. Luckily, a thunderstorm which lasted a whole afternoon two days ago helped to clear away much of the haze. ^^

Evening scenes

The view inside the building from Level 9 is equally impressive as well. ^^

Besides the work offer itself, I'm also blessed to have some of nicest and most helpful people in the world as my colleagues. ^^ Despite having very different backgrounds as compared to mine - many of them are engineers, engineer turned managers, and senior administrative staff, everyone is friendly, and easy to approach for information. ^^ Despite the complexity of the organization as mentioned earlier on, it's a very comfortable workplace, and I'm certainly enjoying it. ^^

Then again, despite being at a new workplace, I'm quite adamant about following a couple of my own "traditions" inherited from the old workplace:

(1) There must be at least one Gunpla on my desktop.

A straight built BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshiho Shiba-I Sazabi is currently on there, setting the cornerstone for my desktop Gunpla display section. ^^ Sooner or later, the straight built HGUC Sinanju I did in late 2010 will get his place as well. ^^

(2) I must have my metal pencil case there to hold my stationery.

While some habits require no change, some do. Working in a corporate environment the whole time means that I'm no longer able to write my personal blog during office hours. ^^; For the past whole month, I wrote the postings at nights and during the weekends, and then scheduled their releases to maintain a reasonable time gap between them. Writing blog postings can be a rather tiresome practice now, since I force myself to have to get something written up about a recent review, or Gunpla work after coming home from the office. That can be really painful when my heart is struggling to keep my brain awake to finish up a posting before "everybody" goes to bed, ^^; but I think I'm getting used to it, much like my new work. ^^

In the end, like I always believe about one's hobby. It doesn't matter what changes in you or around you, as long as the interest is still there, you will find a way to maintain that hobby. Change it may have to, but it can be just as enjoyable as every before. ^^

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