Thursday, October 2, 2014

Woodelix Rider Machine Part 5 [Final]


The start of a new month, the end of a review series. ^^

Opening up the last figure from Woodelix Rider Machine shokugan set. ^^ After V-Jet, Battle Hopper, HardBoilder, and Machine Massigler, I wonder which figure out of the five I'm going to draw out this time? XD What exactly is the figure that I'm going to get with a 100% chance? XD

Box open.

Content: a bubble wrap pack that contains the bike and its nameplate, and a piece of candy.

Cyclone and its nameplate are removed from the bubble wrap.

Introducing the simple gimmicks of the bike before showing off more images of it:

The front wheel together with its track forks and front fender can swivel from side to side.

The front and rear wheels do spin.

The kickstand can be hinged downward to support the bike.
As compared to the other four, Cyclone's kickstand is a bit small, and not easily visible beneath the bike. ^^;

More images of this shokugan figure:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

The name plate:

Comparison between the actual figure, and its picture as the box art of this shokugan set:

Being the box art figure of this shokugan set, it's a bit disappointing to see that the brownish weathering effect on the front fairing, which is a great detail that highlights the Kamen Rider crest, and headlamps, is absence on the actual figure. ^^; Even though the more standard "grainic molding" effect, the main attraction of this shokugan series, can still be found on parts like the pattern on the side panels, seat cowl, and exhaust pipes, the lack of said weathering effect represents a missed opportunity to enhance the figure's overall appearance, through a more outstanding wooden look on what's perhaps the most obvious spot of the bike in my opinion. ^^; Alas, the weathering is not included. ^^; Because of that (or lack thereof), the figure looks pretty standard when compared to the other four. ^^; It's certainly not poor, but it doesn't stand out much when compared to the rest of the set, even though it should be the most emphasized one out of the four, due to its appearance as the box art figure, and the bike's status as the very first Rider Machine. ^^;

Like the other four bikes, Cyclone fits in the palm of my hand nicely. ^^

Finally, a gathering of all five bikes from this shokugan series: ^^

If I had to choose, V-Jet, Battle Hopper, and HardBoilder, basically the first three reviewed figures would be the best ones out of the set. ^^ HardBoilder, and Cyclone are not bad, but they are a bit average as compared to the other three.

Overall, this is a rather special, fun set of mini bikes. The fake wooden texture on the figures, realized through the set's unique "grainic molding" is pretty interesting, especially when coupled with their various colored details, which are all from careful part separation. ^^ On detailing alone, the set stands out on the positive side, but having that for such small-sized figures is quite amazing. ^^

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