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Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom Part 2

Small sword? or large dagger?

After the introduction, this posting will focus on most of the accessories, and option parts included for Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom. ^^

Gouf Custom and all of its accessories, and option parts.

Three Heat Swords - two normal types, and a larger one with shiny orange paint work for the blade to show it in heated, ready-for-combat state. ^^

The two normal types are actually quite small in their own right. ^^;
I think the enlarged type, with the paint work omitted, should be set as normal, and another even bigger one should be designed, and included as the action type. ^^

Closeups on the swords' details.

Length comparison between the three swords: the normal type = close to 6.5cm, the large type = 8.5cm.

A pair of open fists to hold the weapons.

The palm area of the fists have very tight tolerance to hold the sword handles.

A pair of spread palms.

The default pair of closed fists.

(Left) Standard ball-swivel joint for the wrist.
(Right) Using one of the option hand units on the figure.

Two sets of gatling shields.
The ammo drums, and belts came as separated parts from the shields themselves.

With the ammo drums placed according to their respective side.

To accommodate the ammo drum, the bottom tab on the 3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun needs to be hinged outward, and positioned flat with the weapon itself first.

The gatling shield's handle, and ammo belt connects to two designated square slots beneath the bottom shield connector piece.

Done for one set of gatling shield. ^^

Looking at the handle's position, this set of gatling shield is for the right arm, which is not according to default setting. ^^
Also, you can somewhat get an idea of the gatling shield's size, with my hand that's holding the weapon used for comparison. ^^

Closeups on the details.

The normal type Heat Sword can be slid into its designated storage space on top the shield, but the storage is very loose. ^^;

The large type Heat Sword cannot be fitted into the shield. ^^;

With both sets of the gatling shields completed. ^^

The gatling shield's attachment to the forearm is a standard configuration when compared to other merchandise iterations of Gouf Custom I suppose. As the machine cannon's tab is being pegged into a slot on the forearm, the handle is slid in the open fist from the bottom. ^^

With a gatling shield mounted onto the left arm.

There's no change in the gatling shield's attachment method to the right arm, but the heat wire cap must be detached first, for obvious reason. ^^

The heat wire cap is just an one-piece part, with an unpainted grappler head. ^^;

Double gatling shield-equipped Gouf Custom.^^

All the separable components for one set of gatling shield.

The one-piece shield.

The shield requires one connector piece to be attached behind it, before it can be used by Gouf Custom.

The shield can be mounted to the back face of the forearm.

Extra pieces to armor up the shield. ^^

The top and bottom attachment pieces have sets of tabs that are specifically designed for the respective sides on the shield.

Besides enlarging the shield's surface, the two attachments append some nice mechanical details to the part. ^^

Three parts for each 3-barrel 35mm Machine Gun.

Besides the bottom tab as shown earlier on, the targeting sensor can be hinged around the barrel as well.

Closeups on the machine gun.

For the opposite arm configuration of the machine gun, the only step needed is flipping the front section (gun barrels, side tab, and targeting sensor) around, before it's reattached onto the body. ^^

There are two slots on the forearm, one on the outward-facing side, and one on the rear side that can be used to mount the machine gun.

The visual difference between the two mounting methods is minimal, but how much the cannon can be posed, due to the elbow's position between the two methods is great.

The other six gatling shield parts: gun barrel, belt, ammo drum, front plate, connector piece for the plate, and handle.

Hinge movement is possible for the handle.

The belt is made of soft plastic, and can be bent very easily.

As you can see in the images above, there are various hexagonal ports, round pegs, polygonal tabs, and slots on the shield components. They are connection points that allow the shield parts to be configured to different forms, under the Hard Point System mentioned in the previous posting. More details about that bonus feature, and its application on the figure of Gouf Custom, will be discussed in a separate posting. ^^

The heat wire.

Closeups on the base, and wire, as compared to the one-piece cap.

Closeups on the grappler head.

The wire can be bent with great ease and flexibility.

The base can be equipped to either forearm.

More images of Robot Damashii [Side MS] Gouf Custom coming up in the next posting. ^^

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