Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Older Collection Part 14

All Gunpla Day

This month's posting from the "My Older Collection" segment. ^^

Related to the recently completed review on HG 1/144 Tieren Taozi, this will be an all Gunpla posting. ^^

Master Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

Looking at the entire backpack now, I still remember the very tiring repetitive panel lining work I did for those golden connector pieces on the model's Super Dragoon system. ^^

All those black panel line details were hand drawn one-by-one using a normal panel liner. ^^;
I built this kit back in 2008, before I started using plamo-related paints. Looking back, the work would have been so much easier, and more enjoyable if I could have the tools for the black paint with thinner method I used on Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam, or if Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) was available back then. ^^

The combination of colors and panel line details of the golden thruster nozzles, and the red inner wall of the backpack (painted using normal red marker ^^) makes this one of my favorite components on this MG kit. ^^

The pilot figure of Kira inside the cockpit was painted using normal markers of various colors. ^^

HG 1/144 Serpent Custom

HG 1/144 Calamity Gundam

MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0

HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam

BB Senshi Char's Zaku II

With BB Senshi Char's Z'Gok

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