Saturday, March 21, 2009

1/100 Astray Red Frame Part 1

You're too smart for me to trick XD

Yup, just the 1/100 scale version, not PG.

Some of you must have analyzed the PG's design through microscope and saw my 'trick' the other day right through. I was joking with my friend before writing that up, and thought about how many people are going to fall for it before the trick is blown.

And it was blown in the first comment. Huhhuh~ ^^;

I bought this before the announcement of the PG release, and was not distressed about it at all. 18,000 Yen is out of my budget definitely ^^;

If it was going to be an MG, then yes, I would be very distressed ^^;

Sorry to disappoint you if you're waiting for an early review on the PG version. I don't have that, and I have no plan of getting it anyway, at least for this or next year. Mentioned about that in one of the postings about PG Astray Red Frame over on Ngee Khiong, and folks who know me well will know that no is no for me (so many 'no's intentionally XD). And that goes for the just released Green Frame as well.

Because this 1/100 scale Red Frame is good enough for me, until Bandai releases an MG version that is, which won't be happening anytime soon to give way for the PG release.

Unbelievably, this is going to be an one-decade-old Gunpla by next year ^^;

Gates design that will minimize the exposure of nub marks on the finish model, but Bandai being Bandai, the design is only (strictly) available for places clearly visible. ^^;

If not for the Green Frame, this 1/20 scale figure of Lowe Gule would be one of the last in the series. ^^;

Shiny blade ^^ ...

... but quite a bit of painting required for the whole katana, especially the scabbard.

It would be much better if a red polycap set is included, instead of this "universal" gray one for most 1/100 scale releases. Some of the joints do show up, and being gray against red frame is kind of mood-spoiling ^^;

More in Part 2.


Anonymous said...

not to spoil your fun but i wont keep my finger crossed for MG Red Frame.

i remember NG 1/100 red frame is praised for being MG-like.

but like you i'm satisfied with NG1/100 red frame and the 1/100 astray line. and since my prayer for gold frame a few years ago has been answered with the awesome NG 1/100 Gold frame amatu, i'm a pretty content guy...

...but of cuz there's always room for a NG1/100 Blue Frame Third ><

AstrayP03 said...

heh, i hope they release the third in MG line... i'll be so freakin happy then...

but if they were to release the third bandai had better do something about it's backpack weight....
don't let it be like second L

Anonymous said...

well u could always paint red on the polycaps..

even if it cracks it'll look like real paint cracks on overheated machinery. it's a win & win.
(but not that i've tried it :P)