Thursday, March 5, 2009

BB Senshi Destiny Part 4

Sticker or no sticker, that's [no longer] a question

Yup, no longer a question to me XD

Got too tired of pondering between using the sticker and Gundam Marker as mentioned in Part 2, I finally opted for the later, after I decided to paint the anti-ship sword in light blue.
Light blue marker for both components would be better-looking than separate method for each I think.

No sticker included for the sensor on the back of the head. I just used a normal pen for this instead of Gundam Marker Metallic Green from BB Senshi Sangokuden set to avoid contact with the surrounding.

For those who are wondering what kind of pen I'm talking about all this while ^^

Just realized that a bit of red is needed for the interior of the red cap of the beam launcher to make it look like a real component, instead of merely a layer of red painting on the outside.

Gray for the mouth of the beam boomerang/saber.

Gold for the beam cannon on the spread palm to emphasize that component in action poses. Normal pen again, as shown on the left instead of Gundam Marker.

If the cannon on the spread palm is in gold, then the one on the fist needs to be painted so as well. ^^

Finally done with the painting on my BB Senshi Destiny. Currently I'm letting all the parts to have more time to dry before moving on to the final assembly.

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