Thursday, March 12, 2009

BB Senshi Destiny Part 6 [Final]

A very superior BB Senshi Model

Let me zip up my mouth and show you the photos first XD

- Stands firmly without the weapons from the backpack touching the ground.

- You can find action poses from the box art, MG and MG Extreme Blast Mode from some of the photos above ^^

- Has a slot for Action Display Base 2 in its pelvis joint for more bombastic action poses ^^

- Surprisingly, the wings can still move to the back without moving the weapon mount racks. And with the later two being movable as well, the range of movement for the wings can be a little wider.

Limited by the backpack itself though.

The wings can be lifted as well.

- To make things easier, and to protect the paint on various parts of the model, I would detach the entire backpack first, adjust for the pose I want and reattach the backpack onto Destiny.

- To protect the painting of the anti-ship sword, instead of slotting it directly into the hand when carried as shown in the manual, I would detach the knuckle armor first and place the handle into the hand when finish.

- The pose with him holding the anti-ship sword with both hands is possible, but is hard to get and the arms would be very stiff ^^;

- With the help of the movable weapon mount rack, the model can reach for the anti-ship sword with his hand ^^

- It's impossible to reach for his beam sword/javelin mounted on the shoulders.

- The movement of the wing covers is via a snap-on hinge, so opening and closing them excessively will definitely damage the joint.

- posing with the beam launcher is much harder than with the anti-ship sword because its position is limited by its mount rack.

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xin heng said...

hey. i was wondering. how do you tri off the excessive paint on your gunpla?