Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MG Destiny Part 4

Prelude to tragedy

Gold and silver for the tube-like design inside the beam rifle, but this time it's not my own brilliant fancy idea anymore, it's from the manual. ^^

Taking into consideration that the painting might get scratched from the cover that snaps onto them later on, I didn't use the normal pen I used for the pipes inside the wing mentioned in Part 3. The paint would take a much longer time to dry as compared to these:

Pilot Super Color Extra Fine Gold and Silver. Check out my introduction about the markers in the first review on BB Senshi Sangokuden Shiba-I Sazabi. Much quicker to dry, and the fine tip is much friendlier to maneuver for tight spots, especially the bottom of the tube.

That's why I didn't call upon Gundam Marker as well. The flat tip isn't that awesome for this task as compared to those two markers.

Other weapon parts painted:

Black around the edges of the little detail part from the rifle. Just normal marker will be fine.

Yellow for the two little spots on the either sides of the shield. Foil sticker is a no-no for me, because it doesn't seem big enough to be able to cover the entire area for each spot, as seen from Dalong Dotnet's review.

A pool of watery yellow paint from my Gundam Marker just exploded the moment I tried squeezing the paint out. ^^;
Wasteful, but good thing I didn't apply the marker immediately onto the intended parts. That would be even more of a 'terrible' sight ^^;

The back of the shield is unharmed.

Gundam Marker Black for the handle of the anti-ship sword.

Everything went smoothly for the painting on the weapons. Even painting the tube inside the rifle was made easy with the two fine tip markers. Moving on to the beam launcher, when tragedy stuck...

to be continued...
(like Taiwanese soap opera like that XD)


AstrayP03 said...

tragedy??? what happened???

Epsilon_013 said...

Some hole is too tight. I had this happened to me too. When i try to moved it it snapped. >_<

Q said...

Prelude to Tragedy... Sounds so dramatic ^^;

The extra fine silver pen looks great; that may very well be my alternative to my current fat Gundam Marker, as I have clumsy hands and resorting to toothpick can be annoying ^^;