Sunday, April 26, 2009

The All Exia Project Part 6

From the hardest to the easiest

Done with the helmets in Part 5, the Project is now at the easiest stage ^^ - painting all the tit-bits in gray.

Only one Gundam Marker is needed this time: Gray (d'uh ^^;)

1/100 Astraea, Exia and Avalanche Exia first:

The split in between the thigh armors.

The split in between the feet and shoes.

The front of the shoes not covered by the armor.

The split in between the waist - need to use toothpick to paint the gray area as it's too small for the tip of the Gundam Marker to go in.

The bottom part of the upper arm where the GN Stripes goes in.

Gray part for the front skirt armor. You need to define your own boundary at the side as there's none being designed.

The ring for the GN Drive on the chest. All four in total - three Exia-types and one new one for Astraea I missed in Part 3 - thanks to Quentin for reminding me about it ^^

The stripe for the GN Vulcan on the forearm.

More parts, including that for 1/144 Exia coming up next, which happens to be the last round of discussion on parts to be painted as well. Will be showing you the result in Part 8. ^^


Gunstray said...

Your progress is pretty fast^^

Evaritus Lau said...

I could never did this fast..^^" & alot of parts at the same time.

Ken said...

WoW u did hav a good skill on using Gundam marker i alway spoil the GUNPLA with Gundam marker need practice more. Want to c the final result ^^

Ngee Khiong said...

>>GunStray, Evaritus

The speed is quite slow (in my opinion) since I'm repeating identical parts not doing all models. ^^;


Thanks! Welcome to Ex ^^

Anonymous said...

hi mr. ngee ^^
I`m still newbie after all, but can I ask something?

when you paint the part, did you use any primer? or you just paint it with paintbrush?