Monday, January 3, 2011

BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam Part 3

Core Splendor, why do you have to be so colorful?

Finally draw enough courage to work on the most complicated parts to paint in my book for BB Senshi Force Impulse Gundam: the Core Splendor. ^^

Understandably in BB Senshi scale, the Core Splendor is very small and most of the parts aren't molded according in its intended colors.

A great deal of painting is required, since all 4 parts given for the Core Splendor are in white (3) and black (1). Except for white, the other 3 conventional colors intended for the unit: blue, red and a little bit of yellow are totally missing.

And why black for the part that doesn't really require this color anyway? ^^; I'll have to work around this base color then. It would be so much easier if all 4 parts come in white.

Some references on what color for which part:

Colored lineart of the unit.
Images are from Mahq Dotnet.

Images from the box sides and manual of the MG release.

Painting the black part first:

White and red go first, since they are the minor colors that would inadvertently spill over onto the portion to be painted in blue. Since the area to be painted in blue is much larger, the possibility of spilling that paint onto the parts already painted in white and red would be less, which is why that color comes second. It's a matter of who is easier to clean up for the next round of painting that decided which color is to be painted first. ^^

A few layers of white are needed to cover up the black base color.

Done for all the parts. Toothpick is used to send the paint into those really hard to reach valleys on the body.

Core Splendor mode.

Part swapping to get the Core Block mode.

Another part that is also quite difficult to paint would be the shield. Molded entirely in black, all the white portion must be painted.

I'm going to use the foil stickers given for the surface of the shield, so not the entire part will be painted. Just red and white on the edges of the splits and the shield itself respectively where the foil stickers won't cover.

Painted white on the opposite face of the shield.

Painted black on the opposite face of the yellow start part.

White targeting sensor and 2 red squares on the body of the beam rifle.

The easiest of them all: ^^ pink for the beam saber, which is painted using Gundam Marker Fluorescent Pink.

Quite a bit of delicate work there on 4 small parts. ^^; Will move away from Gunpla for a while before returning with some more painting on this kit. ^^

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