Monday, January 10, 2011

1/100 Exia Part 4

Time to finish the business

Starting to assemble 1/100 Gundam Exia, which is the second kit to be done from my All Exia Project, after BB Senshi Gundam Exia. ^^

A very long drag this is, before picking it up in December last year, the initial work on this kit has started since April 2009. ^^;

Parts for the right arm.

Soft rubber part for the upper arm's GN Stripe.

Simple but very articulated design for the elbow joint. Such design can be found in several earlier HG kits, including HGUC Hazel Custom (2005), Zaku I (2006) and others.

Using Tack-It adhesive rubber to get the clear part painted with green highlighter on the opposite face onto the forearm so that the paint won't be rubbed off.

Green highlighter is quite a nice tool and color for the clear part it seems. ^^

Completing the right arm.

The elbow joint is somewhat limited by the protruding forearm part. Another joint in the upper arm allows the elbow to turn to the left or right..

Parts for the left arm.

Same components as the right arm, but an extra spread palm is included as well.

Parts for the GN Long and Short Blade.

Same assembly for both weapons, just the length of the blades that tells the difference.

Parts for the shield.

Elaborate details in front and behind the shield...

... and "teeth"-like details on the edges as well.

Mounting the shield to the left arm.

Four sets of identical parts for the beam sabers/daggers.

beam saber completed

Parts for the GN Sword.

GN sword completed.

Details in front and behind the weapon.

The blade's length is 12cm.

Mounted onto the right arm.

The painted GN Sword turns out to be as awesome as I hope it would be. ^^

Will continue with the assembly on the legs in the next posting.

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