Thursday, January 20, 2011

HCM-Pro Tieren Part 4

Suddenly, (almost) symmetrical outline

Done with 1/100 Gundam Exia, back to the review on HCM-Pro Tieren. ^^

Probably the most interesting part of the entire review series in my opinion - converting the ground type into the long range artillery type. Of the many variations of Tieren, this HCM-Pro set is the only Gundam merchandise for the long range artillery type if not mistaken. Its lack of screen time and impact in the anime didn't warrant much confidence in sales for Bandai to give it a full regular release I suppose.

Oh I'm sorry Tieren Flight Type and Desert Type, I hope I didn't hurt your feeling there. ^^;

Then again, Bandai never formally indicated that the Gundam Double O merchandise line is ending, so the possibility for those two variations, as well as the other ones in Katharon color to be released is not zero.

For the conversion, a couple of ground type components to be removed include ...

... upper arms' armors, smooth bore gun, head and chest area, machine gun from the left chest, backpack, rear skirt armor.

A look at the "emptied" body of Tieren. ^^

Separated parts and the ones from the three runners included for this HCM-Pro set as mentioned in Part 1. Apart from the 2 option hand units shown on the top left, which already saw action in the previous posting, the rest are for various components on the artillery type.

300mm smooth bore cannon (doesn't require assembly), pilot cockpit and head, extra leg shield, black rear skirt (mentioned in Part 2, not required for the artillery type), special chest sensor (?), rear skirt armor with supporting stand.

Very huge (in HCM-Pro scale) but very lightweight cannon. ^^

Some marking details near the base of the cannon.

Comparison with some other weapons: Tieren Ground Type's smooth bore gun, hyper bazooka and beam rifle from MG Gundam Ver. OYW.

(Front) Snap on the new head, left chest sensor unit and the extra shield for the right leg.

(Rear) Snap on the cannon and rear skirt armor with supporting arm.

With another little part given, the carbon blade can be mounted onto the rear skirt armor.

Conversion done. ^^

Removed components from the ground type.

With the ground type's backpack and smooth bore gun removed, and the right leg shield added, you almost get a perfectly symmetrical Tieren design with this artillery type. The tiny antenna of the chest sensor unit is refusing to help out with that design though. XD

More images of the long range artillery type:

A look at the articulation design:

The "eyes" can rotate independently. The design is more of being 2 mono-eye cameras instead of a pair of eyes as seen on a Gundam. ^^;
Not too fond of the design, as the eyes remind me of ...

... "The Fly" ^^;
Image is from Ghost of a Flea.

The smooth bore cannon can be lifted for a very wide degree.

The supporting stand is movable as well.

Action poses? You have to be kidding me. The artillery type is supposed to be a weapon platform in stationary. Then again, that's in the anime. The action figure on the other hand sees an increase in the number of movable parts with the extra mono-eye camera, smooth bore cannon and supporting arm. The extra right leg shield doesn't hinder any existing articulation at all. ^^

On top of that, the regular smooth bore gun can still be mounted, and the carbon blade is usable as well.

Rock n' roll with Tieren Cannon. XD

Making the immobile mobile XD

Using the display stand, which is totally possible, will be too crazy to imagine for the long range artillery type I believe. "The Tieren Fly" is too creepy for me ^^

The last part of HCM-Pro Tieren's review coming up next. ^^

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