Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lego Adventure: Creator Transport Ferry Part 3

Dear passengers, no helmet allowed

The second part on the assembly of Lego Creator No. 4997 Transport Ferry, focusing on the bridge, or control unit if you will, and the speedboat.

Base of the bridge.

Special steering wheel and control handle (?) parts.

Steering wheel and control handle can be moved.

Building up the wall of the bridge.

Special binocular parts inside the bridge that can be moved as well. ^^

Adding in the windshield.

The steering wheel, control handle and binoculars can still be clearly seen inside the bridge. ^^

Adding on the roof.

More special parts to be installed on the roof of the bridge, including the radar (?), loud hailer, horn and flag.

Done for the bridge. ^^

Just a few studs connecting the bridge to the top of the ferry. I imagine the ease of removing the earlier is one of the points when they are designing this set.

Pretty much done for the ferry. ^^ The speedboat is optional actually, but why leave the little guy behind when it's just a few parts to put together. ^^

Just like that. ^^

Comparison with the SUV and trailer.

Just two studs behind the bridge for the speedboat - very easy to remove as well.

A few tiny leftovers ^^

And the whole ferry is done. ^^

Way bigger now when compared to MG Figurerise 1/8 Kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker as opposed to the same size comparison yesterday.

"Hey man, just chillin' here on my free ride." XD

Can accommodate 4 BB Senshi models per trip XD

Both BB Senshi Sangokuden Koumei ReGZ and Shiba-I Sazabi need to remove their helmets when boarding the ferry because of low bridge. ^^;

No problem at all for Char's Zaku II and Destiny Gundam.

This is a very fun set to put together. There are over 1,200 parts in total, which is equivalent to three or four Master Grade Gunplas in terms of part count. No real comparison intended of course, assembling Gunplas is completely different from assembling Lego bricks. ^^ For a starter on that point, you definitely don't have to remove any part from any runner for Lego set. ^^ And of course there are plenty more contrasting factors that separate the two franchises.

The assembly is not too hard at all (from an adult's point of view obviously ^^). The instruction manual is very easy to follow, and all the parts fit together very nicely. ^^ Even with the rather "rough" organization of parts shown yesterday, I was able to locate the parts for the various specific steps and complete everything in one night. I would imagine the same for those who are used to assembling Gunplas as well.

The completed model is pretty lovely too. ^^ The colors of white, blue and yellow are very likable, not to mention the huge size of the completed model and its gimmicks as well. ^^

All in all, it's a fun experience assembling something outside of Gunpla or model kit in general once in a while. There are definitely more awesome sets out there that are just right for grown-ups. So, do expect some more Lego sets to pop up occasionally in the future.

Will try out the other two alternate models from this set soon. ^^


Anon said...

The steering wheels and such are pretty standard fare, as lego bricks go. You've been out of it for a while ^^ There are some really strange lego parts nowadays. Love the size comparison with plamo kits though :D

Anonymous said...

I love to see your reviews. As an experienced lego enthusiast, your attention to detail on your reviews is a welcome treat to start my day. More lego sets from you in the future my kind sir.

Aya said...

Lego Creator always give great detail right :D

Anonymous said...

can a lego figure fit into the bridge and vehicles?