Monday, January 24, 2011

Transformers Movie 2 Leader Class Optimus Prime Part 2

Crazy details & crazy functions

More images of Transformers 2 Leader Class Optimus Prime after getting him out of the box in this posting.

Just two minor adjustments before rollout:

Rotate and peg two pieces of armors on the back.

Two panels above the chest can be adjusted to give Prime a more dynamic look. ^^
Ball-type joint connects the panel to the top of the chest, allowing it to move in a wide range of angles.

Apart from the look, which is way better in the depiction of the design from the movie as compared to the first Leader Class release years ago, the amount of mechanical details all over the body has been totally enriched as well. ^^ The obvious ones can be seen on all the body components, but there are tons to be observed behind the armors as well. I really appreciate the craftsmanship of the those details, which I find that extremely impressive, especially on such a big-sized figure. ^^

It's no wonder that so many people repainted this figure when it first came out to try to emphasize on the details and to give it a more realistic feel. ^^

An introduction to the nifty gimmicks you can find on this figure:

Push the tab on the forearm near the elbow backward to spring the heat blade to the front.

Spring mechanism "Mech Alive" on the chest - plenty of gears inside that give automatic adjustment to the windshield/chest piece during the transformation, and bind them tightly as well.
The side window shown in the picture above will spring back in place when you bend it outward.

The inner portion of the upper arm, clearly separated from the outer section, moves together with the elbow joint when the latter rotates.

Another sound effect of Prime - Snapping the upper body onto the waist joint will generate lighting effect and the classic Transformation sound effect. ^^
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Even though intended to, the sound and light effect for the truck can be accessed in robot mode as well ^^

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

The speaker is very obvious to be seen inside the abdomen XD

Separated thigh joint for greater articulation and stability in action poses is a major improvement from the first release. ^^

No more individual movable fingers, but a much more critical wrist joint is added, which is another major improvement from the first release. ^^

The position of the wheel located on the side of the waist can be adjusted.

The knee armor, which isn't part of the transformable components this time, can be adjusted.

Two flaws I see on the figure:

Movement of the head is limited by the top portion of the chest piece.

It's pretty difficult to adjust the heat blade to its storage mode as the position is hindered by the non-movable shoulder armor. The weapon would easily pop to the front when it collides with the armor.

Comparison with a few Gunplas to stress on the size of Prime: ^^

With MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW.

With MG Gundam F91

With FG Gundam Exia

Just some "easy" ones I can grab from the boxes near the table for taking the photos XD

Optimus Prime in action in the next posting. ^^

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