Monday, January 17, 2011

HCM-Pro Tieren Part 3

The real Tieren can never be this agile XD

Introduction on HCM-Pro Tieren's articulation in this posting.

The mono-eye camera is of course movable, in the exact same fashion as the HG 1/144 scale Gunpla version.

Wide articulation range for the shoulder.

90-degree bend for the elbow.
Like most HCM-Pro figures, the wrist joint is separated from the palm, allowing the latter to flip inward and outward.

Shoulder blocks moves frontward and backward.

The upper body can bend forward for a greater degree than it can when leaning backward.

A more dynamic pose with the combo of bending the upper body and turning the waist to the left or right.

Very wide articulation range for the hip.

Special design feature of the hip joint: the thighs can be pulled outward to give more room for the legs' movement.

When the thigh is released from the constraint of the hip joint, it's no longer limited by the front skirt armor and this crazy pose of lifting the leg upward till touching the body is possible. ^^

Separated joint for the front section of the foot is something the HG 1/144 scale Gunpla version lacks.

Stealing Acguy's pose there XD

Posing with the display stand from HCM-Pro Gundam Exia.

Introduction of the long range artillery type coming up next. ^^


Shaomu/Nyanerius said...

The poseability of this Tieren over the HG is pretty jaw-dropping, honestly, but I can't imagine why Bandai would give such awesome joints to a mech that can't actually jump...

Q said...

It is pretty ironic and deceiving how the bulky-looking Tieren can actually pull off some of the craziest poses out there. Something I still can't get over myself in my head at the moment XD