Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MG Force Impulse Gundam Part 15

Core Splendor, transform!

Update on MG Force Impulse Gundam's assembly after the previous posting. Only the body unit remains before the entire inner frame of the Gundam is completed. ^^

Inner frame parts of the body.
Minus six parts for the shoulder joints, there are actually just four parts for the body. ^^

Very simple clip-on design as seen on the shoulder joint parts. Considering it's supposed to be an important part of the Chest Flyer's transformation, the design is almost too simplistic. ^^;

Simple but functional, the joint can be pulled out from its socket for a slight degree to allow the former to be bent upward.

Major components of the body before the final assembly.

The body's inner frame is completed.

The shoulder joints' forward bend is obstructed by two tabs at the edge of the joint.

The shoulder joints' upward bend as mentioned earlier on.

With the arms done in the previous posting.

Upper body is completed.

Two pairs of pins and slots secure the upper body to the abdomen. ^^

The docking function is working just fine without Core Splendor. ^^

The design of not requiring Core Splendor to complete the entire body is a benefit for the model kit really. As the upper and lower bodies combined via two pairs of pins and slots, instead of a small transformed plane, the connection is a lot more secured. The design to actually exclude Core Splendor as "the core" is apparently meant to accommodate the option backpack adapter as well, which is included purely for Gunpla fun. ^^

Still, I'll not "cheat" (XD) on the display of the inner frame for this posting. A look at Core Splendor's transformation sequence before more images of the entire frame. ^^

Core Splendor that was completed last Sunday.

The landing gears and missile launchers are removed first.

The main wings are bent to the back; the rear fins are lowered.

The main wings are then pushed inward into the body.

Double downward bend for the nose's two segments to complete the entire transformation.

The nose will be touching a vent at the end of that last step.
The accuracy in such design is unbelievable. ^^

The transformed Core Splendor.

Unable to have an accurate picture of how the parts are going to be connected, quite a bit of areas are left unpainted on the split section between the nose and body. I letting this one go untreated though since I'm not interested in re-painting the said area at this stage when the concentration is on completing the whole model. ^^

The canopy can still be opened. Lunamaria's position is static though.

The two smaller wings outside the canopy slide into the slit ...

... and that it for the lower body.

The upper body then docks onto the abdomen without any explicit connection with Core Splendor.

The protruding side skirt armor joints obstruct the waist's horizontal articulation range.

More images of the entire inner frame of Impulse Gundam:

The part count of all the components gave way to the transformation and docking gimmicks of Impulse Gundam, resulting in simpler assembly for very much all the components. Then again, the level of details designed on all the part didn't seem to be affected at all. The inner frame details observable is consistent with its "brethren" from Master Grade "Gundam SEED Destiny" series.

At this halfway point to the completion of the entire model kit, seeing how a (near) complete inner frame design is possible for the kit that is transformable, and is extremely articulated at the same time, it's indeed a great design in my opinion. ^^

The "articulated" part will be for the next posting. ^^

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