Monday, February 1, 2010

1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit Part 10

The difference between anime and action figure

More images of Yamato's 1/60 SV-51γ Nora's Unit in Gerwalk mode.

The Gerwalk mode isn't as cool as the Fighter and Battroid Modes in my opinion, which is in contrary to what I think about SV-51γ from the anime of "Macross Zero". ^^; While she could perform quite a lot of incredible action in the anime, the action figure's limited joint for the thigh doesn't really allow her to do so. With that in mid, action poses are quite difficult to adjust actually. ^^;

Balancing is another issue as well. Without the display stand, it's almost impossible for the figure to sustain its position if both legs are not placed properly on the ground. The reversed knee joint is strong enough to support the fighter only when the weight of the body is distributed properly.

Things get a little better on the display stand, as there are more poses for the legs. But then again, since the joint of the display stand cannot be adjusted horizontally, I won't say the poses it's capable of are as cool as those you see in the anime at all. ^^;

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Anonymous said...

It can't do the overhead kick? ;_;