Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie Ver. Part 1

Revoltech's magnificent packaging

Review begins for the supposedly longest overdue figure I got so far. ^^;

Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie Ver. is perhaps the last of its sub series before Kaiyodo announces the Revoltech Neo move in June last year, which almost seemed as if the company is going to incorporate Fraulein into either Yamaguchi (like Reycal Orichalcum) or other new series like Queen's Blade.

Luckily for Fraulein's fans, Kaiyodo announced at the recent Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] that it's going to restart Revoltech Fraulein with the three girls from Evangelion New Theatrical Ver.: Mari Illustrious Makinami, Shikinami Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami beginning May this year. At the same time, you get to practice your consumer choice hard to choose between being loyal to Fraulein, or submit to the rival Figma series which will have all three of them released as well. ^^;

Anyway, Yoko Movie Ver. is the first Revoltech Fraulein figure I got, and after the experience with the really "durable" and playable Revoltech Street Fighter Online Chunli, I had pretty high expectation for Yoko really. I was hoping that she would be much better looking, with more figurine-quality, but is equally durable and playable like Chunli.

The early conclusion I can give to you, without even really starting Part 1, is no, it's quite disappointing, unfortunately. ^^;

The box. I like it being compact and the somewhat elegant design - small but without flashy colors and pictures.

Paper band introducing the differences between this Movie Ver. and the earlier release version.
I get a paper band included for every Revoltech I got except SFO Chunli.

Yoko is my favorite female character from "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". Then again, I think most fans will just choose between Yoko and Nia anyway, since the two of them get the most screen time of all female characters in the anime. ^^ And between the two, I prefer Yoko more because of her tough personalities, and the more "human-touch" she has, like having the weakness of jealousy and the inability to express her felling well. With that, she is able to let the audience feels for her more, as compared to Nia who is almost angel-like.

Furthermore, Yoko always has better "fashion" than Nia. ^o^

The plastic tray containing Yoko and all her accessories.

The content is the first thing I must say I'm not very happy with Revoltech. All of Yoko's weapons are placed nicely in their designated places on the plastic tray, but her option hair, option face, option hand units and display stand are just stored in plastic package placed at the back of the tray. The first thing I notice about this is, without taking all of them out and compare carefully, there's no way to tell whether there's any missing part.

Storage is a problem as well. I hate to do it, but without any proper place to allocate to those option hand units on the plastic tray, the best way is to just put them back into the plastic package from where they come from. Properly sealing it off later is very important yo ensure that no part will go missing, which is just as hard to detect as when they are taken out of the box in the first place.

This is an area where I think the Figma series is a lot better than Revoltech. Each Figma comes with a zip bag that allows one to store all the option parts securely, and on top of that, there's a base for you to attach all the option hand units onto, so you can see easily each time after playing with the figure if every option hand unit is "home". Plus, that's a much more proper way to store them in my opinion.

RevolContainer included for all newer versions of Revoltech releases are quite useful, but one size doesn't fit all obviously. Those with Revoltech Sengoku Basara Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura should be able to see that very easily - none of their weapon can fit into the orange box. ^^; Each of them only has two option hand units and one option face part, which makes storing them inside the container not as important as earlier releases like this Yoko Movie Ver., which doesn't come with it.

Figma's zip bag is winning all the way I think. ^^;

Anyway, after some years when storage problem in my room is at critical level, and I have to flatten even boxes of Revoltechs and Figmas (T___T) to sort out the problem, condensing everything into plastic packages would be the other solution then I believe.

A little leaflet promoting Revoltech Plier. The pictorial information shown on the right image can be found at the bottom of most Revoltech releases nowadays I believe.

Taking Yoko out from the tray. There's one plastic holder separating Yoko's hair and her back, to protect against the colors sticking onto each other maybe?

Yoko can stand very well, despite her ankles being unable to turn much.

The painting and details are of top quality. Details like her profile are extremely beautiful. ^^

Yoko's hair is made of soft rubber (?). The end can be bent, but it doesn't stay in shape though.

Yoko's weapons and accessories. The weapons are on top, the rest are inside the plastic package taped to the bottom of the tray.

Quite a variety of parts for Yoko.

The two types of rifles are painted in great details as well.

Fluorescent green painted on both ends of the targeting scope. ^^
The pink strap is made of soft material, but I dare not to fit it onto Yoko to show her carrying the rifle. ^^;

Two protruding levels (?) on the opposite side of the rifles. They are pretty hard but I don't want to test on how well made they are that's for sure. ^^;

11 option hand units for Yoko. Except for the V-Sign hand, there's one right hand for holding the rifles and gun, and one left open-type hand. The other 8 are in pairs of left and right.

Yoko's usual long ponytail is also included, so you get to swap her to the "TV Ver." as well. ^^ Two chopsticks are fixed on the hair, with another two come as separate parts to be used as her weapons.

Display base with a different design as compared as other releases in Revoltech.
Yoko's name and the series she comes from are printed on top, while introduction about Revoltech Fraulein is engraved on the bottom.

Yoko's action poses coming up in the next part of thew review. ^^


Chris said...

I have this Revoltech too. Between Revoltech Fraulein and Figma, I would happily opted for Figma.

Figma's joints "stay better" after I adjust them, unlike the 'rubbery' feel from Revoltechs.

Q said...

Haha, this review is long overdue indeed ^^;

I agree that the storage can be a bit of a problem for Revoltechs, even though they now have those RevolContainer which are too small to hold any large accessories. Just like with the extra accessories or hand parts for gunpla, I would only put them back into the original box. However, like you that may not last forever when the number of boxes simply gets larger and larger.

But wow your room's capacity haven't reach a critical *yet*? I'm impressed!

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