Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MG F91 Part 19

Dangerous business

Last part of review on my MG F91 before the actual assembly is about the head.

Thanks to the face-open gimmick incorporated, the design of the parts are somewhat different from the other conventional Gundam-type MGs. Together with the overall size of MG F91 (as compared to other conventional MGs again), I must say the work on the head is quite a dangerous task. ^^;

Parts for the head. The clear part for the eyes and forehead targeting sensor are not shown.

I used knife to "deepen" the lines on the cheek and mask before panel-lining so that they can be seen more clearly.
The mask being small and curvy is a high-risk item to be broken if you're not careful. ^^;

Painted black beneath the helmet to show more depth of this component.

Because the helmet needs to be detached to change the mask when the model is completed, the targeting sensor, which is usually together with the eyes (for conventional Gundam-type MGs) is molded separately for F91.
For such a small part, transparent some more, it's better to assemble it first - glued firmly to the white part. ^^

Painted the Vulcan yellow with Gundam Marker Yellow from Gundam SEED set.

All done for MG F91. ^^ Moving on to another Gunpla after this. ^^


Anonymous said...

Would love if you did a Part 20 where you show off your completed kit.

Anonymous said...

You've done an amazing job on this I'm now thinking about buying it :)