Sunday, February 28, 2010

Char's Revoltech Fraulein


March is for Moe, and April is for Action Figure. ^^

May would be a better month for Moe, because the word seems to rhythm better. ^^

Got these three for quite some time since August last year actually, but never thought much about reviewing them until now. Some people might be wondering why I still went for Kaiyodo's Revoltech Fraulein after mentioning about Yoko's weaknesses in the previous review. The real deal is the price - I got these three as a set of RM200, which were all brand new back then.

At first, I was just looking for Pocco, the first, and only collaboration between Shunya Yamashita and Revoltech so far when I stumbled upon the bargain.

And surprisingly (with a sigh of relief), all of them were much better in terms of articulation than Yoko. ^^; The catch is however, Asuka and Yuki's face parts, which I don't think are as good as Yoko. ^^; But Pocco is awesome as expected. ^^

Does this means that the Gunpla section is gone in March? Not really, but there will definitely be more moe figures covered (which means less Gunpla-lah).

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Q said...

o_O 3 times as unexpected, 3 times as crazy!

April is for action figures, eh? That may mean you will review the Sengoku Basara ones you've bought a few months ago then (I guess) :o